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‘Casting About, Program 62

images of some of the books and resources discussed in this podcastScott, Becky and Lisa discuss some George Takei books, a book about the Supremes and their fashions, and how to do a virtual storytime with our TumbleBooks online resource.

‘Casting About, Program 61

photo of Scott and Becky in Nasa shirtsLisa, Becky, Scott, Charlotte and Peter discuss books and movies about the Apollo 11 moon mission.

A booklist featuring these and other titles related to Project Apollo is available on our BookGuide pages.

Just Desserts, May 30, 2019: Series Share

Participants in the Just Desserts Mystery Discussion Group share series books they have been reading.

‘Casting About, Program 60

Book covers graphicBecky, Scott and Lisa discuss some books about princesses, and a classic mystery.

Bethany Books Talk, March 22, 2019: Shannon’s Non-Fiction Booktalk

Book covers from Shannon's Non-Fiction BooktalkShannon presents some non-fiction books she’s recently read.

A booklist based on this talk is also available.