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Discussion of Agatha Christie’s “Hercule Poirot”

When the Just Desserts mystery fiction discussion group met on Thursday, October 25th, 2017, a dozen mystery fans held a fascinating discussion about the entire “Hercule Poirot” series (33 novels, 1 play, 50+ short stories) by Agatha Christie. Whether or not you attended the actual meeting, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions about any of the “Hercule Poirot” stories, in a reply comment to this blog post, below.

For additional reminders about upcoming Just Desserts meetings and/or other announcements of interest to mystery fans, don’t forget to sign up for the Just Desserts e-mail list. Or, if you’re logged into your account on Facebook, you can visit the Events page for the Lincoln City Libraries, and mark whether or not you plan to attend upcoming sessions of Just Desserts – this is a great way for you to help us promote this engaging discussion group! Our selections for future meetings are usually posted there months in advance. Just Desserts is on our annual “hiatus” for the final two months of 2017. Join us on January 25th for the first 2018 meeting of Just Desserts — a discussion of The Late Show, the first book in a new series by Michael Connelly.

In the meantime, here are three links to information about Hercule Poirot and Agatha Christie:

This link goes to a handout providing background on all the Poirot stories, with all novels and short story collections hotlinked to the libraries’ online catalog.

This link goes to the Hercule Poirot page on Wikipedia, where you can find extensive background on all aspects of the character.

This link goes to all the Agatha Christie books, in ALL formats (including e-books) in the libraries’ collection.

What do you think of the “Hercule Poirot” stories by Agatha Christie?

2 thoughts on “Discussion of Agatha Christie’s “Hercule Poirot”

  1. Lesly Lemon

    One of books on the first page Poirot is talking to his secatary,
    Miss Lemon! Do you know the name of that book? If you don’t,
    do you know any one that does?

    Thank you for your help!????

    July 14, 2018 at 1:19 am
  2. 2115
  3. Scott Clark

    Miss Felicity Lemon appears in four Hercule Poirot novels and three Poirot short stories. I have access to only three of the four novels at this moment — “Dead Man’s Folly”, “Elephants Can Remember” and “Hickory Dickory Dock” (“Third Girl” is checked out). In the opening scene of “Dead Man’s Folly”, Miss Lemon is taking dictation from Poirot when a phone call from Ariadne Oliver interrupts them. After the phone call is finished, instead of continuing the dictation, Poirot has a short conversation with Miss Lemon about who Ariadne Oliver is. The first scene of “Elephants Can Remember” does not feature Miss Lemon. I’m guessing you’re looking for “Hickory Dickory Dock”, as the first scene of that novel features a concerned Poirot confronting Miss Lemon about three typographical errors in her paperwork — *gasp* — and her revealing that she’s been inappropriately distracted by problems with her sister. If that’s not the one, I’d be happy to keep looking…just let me know! P.S.: If you’re a Christie fan, don’t miss the special public presentation being given at Gere Branch Library on Sunday, September 30th (2:00-3:30) on Agatha Christie. It will cover her life (including her 11 day disappearance), her most significant novels, her plays, and the film/tv/stage adaptations of her work. This is all in advance of the Lincoln Community Playhouse and Beatrice Community Players putting on both a Hercule Poirot play (“Black Coffee”) and a Miss Marple play (“A Murder is Announced”) in Lincoln and Beatrice in late October!

    Slight correction: Of the three short stories in which Miss Lemon appears, only one is a Hercule Poirot story “The Nemean Lion”, while the other two “The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife” and “The Case of the Discontented Soldier” are both Parker Pyne stories (in the collection “Parker Pyne Investigates”). The opening scene of “The Nemean Lion” features a conversation between Miss Lemon and Poirot, as he arrives in his offices and asks if there is any significant mail, and Miss Lemon says she’s gone through his mail and found only one item of note — a request that Poirot find a missing Pekinese dog. Poirot thinks Miss Lemon has lost her ability to determine what is important, but after reading the letter in question, takes the case.

    July 16, 2018 at 9:38 am

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