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Ted Kooser: Items in Lincoln City Libraries’ Collections

Throughout this listing, “Heritage” in the call number indicates the book is not a circulating copy and must be used in the “Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors” during normal operating hours. Ask your librarian for details.

Poetry Collections (or other books) by Ted Kooser

  • Official Entry Blank: Poems 811 Koo [1969]
  • Grass County (Chapbook) Heritage 811 Koo [1971]
  • Twenty Poems 811 Koo [1973]
  • A Local Habitation and a Name 811 Koo [1974]
  • Shooting a Farmhouse [and] So This is Nebraska Heritage 811 Koo [1975]
  • Not Coming to Be Barked At: Poems 811 Koo [1976]
  • Hatcher (Graphic Novel) Kooser [1978]
  • Old Marriage and New 811 Koo [1978]
  • Cottonwood County 811 Klo [1979] with William Kloefkorn
  • Sure Signs: New and Selected Poems 811 Koo [1980]
  • Weather Central 811 Koo [1984]
  • One World at a Time 811 Koo [1985]
  • Blizzard Voices 811 Koo [1986]
  • A Book of Things Heritage 811 Koo [1995]
  • A Decade of Ted Kooser Valentines: 1987 – 1996 Heritage 811 Koo [1996]
  • Journey to a Place of Work: A Poet in the World of Business 658.314 Koo [1998]
  • Winter Morning Walks: 100 Postcards to Jim Harrison 811 Koo [2000]
  • Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps 917.823 Koo [2002]
  • Braided Creek: A Conversation in Poetry 811 Har [2003] with Jim Harrison
  • Delights & Shadows: Poems 811 Koo [2004]
  • The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets 808.1 Koo [2005]
  • Lights on a Ground of Darkness: An Evocation of a Place and Time Heritage B M845k [2005]
  • Out of that Moment: Twenty-one Years of Valentines, 1986-2006 811 Koo [2006]
  • Writing Brave and Free: Encouraging Words for People who Want to Start Writing 808.02 Koo [2006] With Steve Cox
  • Valentines. With an Introduction by the Poet Illustrated by Robert Hanna. 1986-2007 811 Koo [2008]
  • Bag in the Wind Illustrated by Barry Root. [2010] jKooser

Anthologies including poems or other work by Ted Kooser

  • The Pushcart Prize 810.8 Pus vol IX has a Kooser poem
  • The New Salt Creek Reader Heritage Periodical New [1967-75]
  • A Bestiary 811 Sch [1973] Includes one Kooser poem
  • Heartland II: Poets of the Midwest 811.08 Hea [1975]
  • Voyages to the Inland Sea VI: Essays and Poems 811.08 Voy v.6 [1976]
  • Silent Voices: Recent American Poems on Nature Heritage 811.08 Fer [1978]
  • Brother Songs: A Male Anthology of Poetry 811.08 Per [1979]
  • Blue Hotel Heritage Periodical Blu [Jan 1980]
  • Windflower Home Almanac of Poetry 811.08 Win [1980]
  • On Common Ground 811.08 San [1983]
  • Poetspeak: In Their Work, About Their Work, a Selection 811.08 Jan [1983]
  • Three Rivers, Ten Years 811.08 Cos [1983] Includes one Kooser poem.
  • Christmas in the Midwest 813.08 And [1984] Illustration by Kooser.
  • Out Here Heritage 811 Rat [1984] Cover design by Kooser.
  • Strings: A Gathering of Family Poems j811.08 Jan [1984]
  • Pocket Poems: Selected for a Journey j811.08 Jan [1985]
  • Going Over to Your Place: Poems for Each Other j811.08 Jan [1987]
  • As Far as I Can See: Contemporary Writing of the Middle Plains 810.8 Woo [1989]
  • Swamp Root, vol 1 num 4, Summer 1989 Heritage 811.08 Swa [1989]
  • Vital Signs: Contemporary American Poetry from the University Presses 811.08 Wal [1989]
  • Dreams in Dry Places 917.82 Bru [1990] Foreword by Ted Kooser.
  • Wellsprings: A Collection From Six Nebraska Poets 811.08 qGeo [1995]
  • Wherever Home Begins: 100 Contemporary Poems 811.08 Jan [1995] Includes one Kooser poem.
  • The Plains Sense of Things: Eight Poets from Lincoln, Nebraska 811.08 San [1997]
  • A Man in Love With the Wind 811 Wel [1997] Commentary by Kooser.
  • Christmas on the Great Plains 394.26 ChrYr [2004] Collection includes “Family” by Ted Kooser.
  • Twentieth Century American Poetry 811.9 Twe [2004] Includes contribution by Kooser.
  • The Nebraska Landscape: Images from Home 917.82 For by Michael Forsberg (photographer). [2006] Foreward by Ted Kooser.
  • Nebraska Presence: An Anthology of Poetry. Greg Kosmicki  and Mary K. Stillwell, ed. 811.09 Kos [2007] Includes four Kooser poems.
  • Great Plains: America’s Lingering Wild by Michael Forsberg, [2009] Foreword by Ted Kooser. 917.8 qFor

Audio and Videotapes that include readings by Ted Kooser

  • Ted Kooser: Voices of the Plains Audio 791.447 Voi [1991] Radio broadcast
  • Nebraska Humor Month Heritage Video NebH4 BETA [1984]
  • The Frontier in Contemporary Literature: Part I Video 810.9 Fro5 [1985]
  • The Frontier in Contemporary Literature: Part II Video 810.9 Fro6 [1985]
  • The Frontier in Contemporary Literature: Part III Video 810.9 Fro7 [1985]
  • Hansen, Kooser, Saiser and Scheele Video 811.08 Han [1999]
  • Ted Kooser Reads His Poetry, 1984 Video 811 Koo [1984]
  • Poetry Nebraska: Lesson #6 Video 811 Koo [1984]
  • Ted Kooser Reads His Poetry, 1986 Video 811 Koo [1986]
  • Nebraska, the Individual Voice: Part 2 Video 811 Neb2 [1986]
  • Blizzard Voices: A Dramatic Reading Video 812 Koo [1986]
  • Poetry: Capturing the Moment with U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser & Friends Heritage DVD 811.08 Koo [2005]
  • Ted Kooser: Poet DVD 811 Koo (Kooser reads a single long narrative poem about the Blackhawk War of 1832.) [2008]

Kooser Artwork, Vertical Files and Memorabilia in the Heritage Room


  • Ted Kooser, Painting with Poem, “Central,” by Kooser. Framed, on Heritage Room East wall.
  • Ted Kooser, “Poem for Jane” Poem with Kooser Ink/Watercolor drawing. Signed dedication to Jane Geske, dated Feb. 27, 1982. Framed, on Heritage Room North wall.
  • Ted Kooser, Poster, “White Christmas,” copyright 1983, signed. Framed on East wall of Heritage Room.
  • Ted Kooser, Poster, “Quilt Show Today,” copyright 1976, signed. Framed on East wall of Heritage Room.
  • Library of Congress, “Ted Kooser United States Poet Laureate 2004-2005.” Publicity Poster, framed, on Heritage Room North wall.
  • University of Nebraska, “An Evening with Ted Kooser.” (The Nebraska Lectures, February 8, 2005) Publicity poster, framed, on library wall outside the Heritage Room.

Vertical Files

All files in the Heritage Room. Files are listed with brief descriptions of contents.

  • Kooser, Ted Newspaper clippings and magazine articles about Kooser. Book notices and publicity, event invitations, book marks.
  • Kooser, Ted U.S. Poet Laureate Newspaper clippings, book notices and publicity, event publicity, all dating from Kooser’s two terms as Poet Laureate, 2004-2006.
  • Kooser, Ted (II) Post Poet Laureate events and biographical information Newspaper clippings and book and event notices.
  • Kooser, Ted –Biographical Some Kooser C.V.s, some newspaper clippings.
  • Kooser, Ted American Life in Poetry, Columns 1-100 Copies of the Kooser columns.
  • Kooser, Ted American Life in Poetry, Columns 101-275 Copies of the Kooser columns.
  • Kooser, Ted American Life in Poetry, Columns 276- Copies of the Kooser columns.
  • Kooser, Ted –The Best Cellar Press (Examples of) Sample chapbooks designed and published by Kooser’s Best Cellar Press, all by/for other poets.
  • Kooser, Ted Blizzard Voices Announcements, newspaper clippings of reviews, and reviews of performances based on the book.
  • Kooser, Ted Lights on a Ground of Darkness Newspaper clippings.
  • Kooser, Ted Reviews/Announcements of Works Newspaper clippings, publishers catalogues, advertizing.
  • Kooser, Ted Valentines Kooser Valentines, mostly addressed to former Lincoln City Libraries Director Carol Connor. 15 Valentines, 1986-2007. Related newspaper clippings.
  • Kooser, Ted Works Ted Kooser, “Bank Fishing For Bluegills,” typed one page manuscript on yellow paper with pencil notation “Ted Kooser’s original.” Newspaper clippings, postcards. Photocopies of Kooser poems and valentines. Kooser poem, “Automated Checkout Machine,” one printed page manuscript with Kooser signed post-it note attached. Publication notices. Copies of The Salt Creek Reader, The New Salt Creek Reader, The Last New Salt Creek Reader, Poetry East, The Oak Branch Gazette. Nebraska Repertory Theater poster. Michael Forsberg greeting card, photograph by Forsberg with poem by Ted Kooser, signed by both Forsberg and Kooser.
  • Kooser, Ted Works: The Nebraska Professional Issues of newsletter, 1998-2005, with Kooser poems at the end of each issue.

There are several Kooser items in vertical files devoted to other authors, an example would be the manuscript “Remarks for Ruth Rosekrans Hoffman’s memorial service, December 2, 2007” by Ted Kooser in the Hoffman biography file. Items of this type, and Kooser letters in NLHA and library business files have never been inventoried. Ask Heritage Room staff for assistance in finding such items.

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