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Works for Children and Young Adults by Nebraska Authors

photo of book illustration

Original artwork for book illustration by children’s author and illustrator Ruth Rosekrans Hoffman

This list was compiled by the staff of the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors. The list, classified by genre and reading level, offers a representative sample of authors and titles. Some authors listed here wrote many more books than appear in this list.

Table of Contents:

Young Adult Fiction, Poetry, and Plays:

Aldrich, Bess Streeter, 1881-1954, Elmwood:
Mother Mason, 1924
Spring Came on Forever, 1935
A Lantern in Her Hand, 1928
Journey into Christmas, 1949

Bonham, Barbara, 1926- , Franklin, Naponee:
Challenge of the Prairie, 1965
Bittersweet, 1984

Borland, Hal, 1900-1978, Sterling:
Wapiti Pete: The Story of an Elk, 1938

Bro, Margueritte Harmon, 1894-1977, David City:
Su-mei’s Golden Year, 1950

Brown, Marion Marsh, 1908-2001, Brownville, Omaha:
Frontier Beacon, 1953
Prairie Teacher, 1957
The Silent Storm, 1963

Cartmill, Christopher John, 1962- , Lincoln:
812 qCar La Chasse (the Hunt): A Play, 1994
812 qCar Laws, or, the Light before Darkness: A Play, 1993
812 qCar Light in Love: A Play, 1992
812 qCar Light on the Golden Slippers or Lavinia’s Story: A Play, 1997
812 qCar The Way Home: A Play, 1995

Cather, Willa, 1873-1947 Red Cloud:
O Pioneers!, 1913
My Antonia, 1918

Chesire, Jimmy, Boys Town:
Home Boy, 1989

Dolezal, Margaret J., 1920-2004, Bee, Lincoln:
Smokey’s Odysseys, 1998
Stories to Remember, 2000
Stories to Share and Riddles to Solve, 2000
Christmas Tales and Poems, 2000

Ferris, Elmer Ellsworth, 1861-1951 Omaha:
Jerry Foster, Salesman, 1942
Jerry of Seven Mile Creek, 1938

Fine, Warren, 1943-1987 Lincoln:
The Artificial Traveler, 1968
Their Family, 1972

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1879-1958 Lincoln:
Understood Betsy, 1917, reissued 1999

Frye, Tom, Lincoln:
Scratchin’ on the Eightball, 1982 and 2000.

Gray, Dianne E., 1947, York:
Together Apart, 2002.

Jackson, Charles Tenny, 1874- , Lexington:
The Buffalo Wallow: A Prairie Boyhood, 1954

Kalkowski, John, Bassett, Omaha:
Red Cell, 2010

King, Kathleen, Lincoln:
Cricket Sings: A Novel of Pre-Columbian Cahokia, 1983

Kooser, Ted, 1939- , Lincoln, Garland:
811 Koo Delights and Shadows: Poems, 2004

Lawhead, Stephen R., 1950- , Lincoln, Kearney:
Taliesin, 1987; Merlin, 1988; Arthur, 1989; Pendragon, 1994; Grail, 1997; The Iron Lance, 1998; Hood, 2006

Lee, Wayne C., 1917- , LaMar:
Arikaree War Cry, 1992; Barbed-Wire War, 1983; The Buffalo Hunters, 1972; Die-Hard, 1975; Gun Brand, 1961; Gun Country, 1978; McQuaid’s Gun, 1980; Petticoat Wagon Train, 1978; Prairie Vengeance, 1954; The Violent Man, 1978; Mystery of Scorpion Creek, 1966

Lutton, Elizabeth Miller:
The Cracker Box School, 1917

MacKay, Margaret, 1907-1968, Stamford:
Homeward the Heart, 1944

Neihardt, John G., 1881-1973, Bancroft:
Indian Tales and Others, [1907], 1988

Pieper, Kathleen, Grand Island:
Summer Kisses, 1983
To Know Love, 1979

Richoux, Pat, 1927- , Omaha:
The Stardust Kid, 1973
Long Walk on a Short Dock, 1969

Ruckman, Ivy, 1931- , Hastings:
Who Invited the Undertaker?, 1991
In Care of Cassie Tucker, 1998
Night of the Twisters, 1986

Sandoz, Mari, 1896-1966, Sheridan County, Lincoln:
Story Catcher, 1963
Winter Thunder, 1954

Sheldrick, Peg, Lincoln:
812 She Loose End, (a play), 1983

Shepard, Ray Anthony, Lincoln:
Conjure Tales by Charles W. Chesnutt, (1899 tales retold by Shepard, 1973).

Sprague, Gretchen, [Sprague, Gretchen Burham], 1926-2003, Lincoln:
A Question of Harmony, 1965
White in the Moon, 1968

Thomas, Cenethe [Kenetha], Lincoln:
Michael’s Singing Sword, 1937

Thomas, Dorothy, 1898-1990, Lincoln:
Ma Jeeter’s Girls, 1933

Thompson, Eileen, Lincoln:
White Falcon, 1977

Children’s Intermediate Fiction

Alberts, Frances Jacob, 1907-1989, Hastings:
A Gift for Ghengis Khan, 1961

Anderson, Clarence William, 1891-1971, Wahoo:
Salute, 1940
The Outlaw, 1967
The Blind Connemara, 1974
Phantom, Son of the Gray Ghost, 1969
The Horse of Hurricane Hill, 1956

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth, Grand Island, Lincoln:
Gracie Gannon: Middle School Zero, 2008

Barker, Mary Libal, 1910- , Table Rock, Falls City:
Milenka’s Happy Summer, 1961

Blatter, Dorothy, 1901- , Albion:
Cap and Candle, 1961

Bothwell, Jean, d. 1977 , Winside:
African Herdboy, 1970; The Borrowed Monkey, 1953; Dancing Princess, 1965; The Hidden Treasure, 1954; Lady of Roanoke, 1965; Defiant Bride, 1969; The Emerald Clue, 1961; The Empty Tower, 1948; Flame in the Sky, 1954; Golden Letter to Siam, 1953; The Holy Man’s Secret, 1967; Little Boat Boy, 1945; The Little Flute Player, 1949; Lost Colony, 1953; The Missing Violin, 1959; The Mystery Angel, 1963; The Mystery Box, 1967; The Mystery Candlestick, 1970; The Mystery Clock, 1966; The Mystery Key, 1961; The Mystery Cargo, 1962; The Mystery Cup, 1968; The Mystery Egg, 1965; The Mystery Gatepost, 1964; The Mystery Tunnel, 1969; Mystery at the House-of-the-Fish, 1968; Paddy and Sam, 1952; The Parsonage Parrot, 1969; Peter Holt, P.K. , 1950; The Promise of the Rose, 1958; Ranch of a Thousand Horns, 1955; The Red Barn Club, 1954; The Red Scarf, 1962; Ring of Fate, 1957; River Boy of Kashmir, 1946; Romany Girl, 1964; Search for a Golden Bird, 1956; The Secret in the Wall, 1971; The Silver Mango Tree, 1960; Star of India, 1947; Sword of a Warrior, 1951; The Thirteenth Stone, 1946; Tree House at Seven Oaks, 1957; White Fawn of Phalera, 1963; The Wishing Apple Tree, 1953

Bradley, Virginia, 1912- , Lincoln:
Bend to the Willow, 1979

Cook, Julia, Fremont:
The Worst Day of My Life Ever!, 2011

Dick, Trella Lamson, 1889-1974, North Platte:
Tornado Jones, 1953; Flag in Hiding, 1959; Bridger’s Boy, 1965; Tornado’s Big Year, 1956; Tornado Jones on Sentinel Mountain, 1955; Valiant Vanguard, 1960;

Foster, Doris E.:
The Soozabadootch, 1979

Frantz, Evelyn M.:
A Bonnet for Virginia, 1978

Gray, Dianne E., 1947, York:
Holding Up the Earth, 2000.

Greene, Gordon, 1931-1995, Lincoln:
A Star for Buster, 1994

Grimes, Lee, 1920- , Fremont:
Fortune Cookie Castle, 1990

Hays, Wilma Pitchford, 1909- , Fullerton, Lincoln:
The Apricot Tree, 1968; Cape Cod Adventure, 1964; The Scarlet Badge, 1963; Siege! The Story of St. Augustine in 1702, 1976

Hintz, Dorothy M., Hebron, Belvidere:
Treasure in the Deep Blue Sea, 1980

Hosford, Jessie, 1892-, Chappell:
You Bet your Boots, 1972
An Awful Name to Live Up To, 1969

Jacks, L. V., 1896-1972, Grand Island, Omaha:
Prairie Venture, 1959
Wires West, 1957

Jackson, George L., Nelson, Kearney:
Daddy, Tell me a Story, 1962

Kenny, Caris Y., Omaha:
The Hugging Machine, 1993

Kloefkorn, William, 1932- , Lincoln:
The Coldest Christmas, or, How Do You Start a Reindeer?, 1993

Kristoffersen, Eva Margaret, 1901-1954, Lincoln:
Cyclone Goes A-Viking, 1939; Hans Christian of Elsinore, 1937; A Bee in her Bonnet, 1944; The Merry Matchmakers, 1940

Kroll, Francis Lynde, 1904-1973, Fairbury, Lincoln:
Young Sand Hills Cowboy, 1953; Top Hand, 1965; Young Medicine Man, 1956; Young Sioux Warrior, 1952

Laughlin, Florence:
Seventh Cousin, 1966

MacKay, Margaret, 1907-1968, Stamford:
Dolphin Boy, 1965

Mason, Miriam, 1899-1973 [Mason, Miriam E.]:
A Pony Called Lightning, 1948

McCleery, William, 1911-2000, Pauline:
Wolf Story, 1947

McKelvie, Martha Groves, 1886-1976, Sandhills:
Fear and Mrs. Crusoe, 1962; The Restless Soul Finds Mrs. Crusoe, 1967; Belonging, [1964?]; Gold and Dross, 1970; The Fenceless Range, 1960

Oneal, Zibby, Omaha:
A Formal Feeling, 1982; In Summer Light, 1986; A Long Way to Go, 1990; The Language of Goldfish, 1982; War Work, 1971

O’Neill, Rose Cecil, 1874-1944, Omaha
Tomorrow’s House: or The Tiny Angel, 1930

Reilly, Robert T., 1922- , Omaha:
Rebels in the Shadows, 1962
Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal, 1957
Massacre at Ash Hollow, 1960

Richoux, Pat, Omaha:
Follow the Leader, 1971

Rock, Gail, Valley:
The House Without a Christmas Tree, 1974
A Dream for Addie, 1975
The Thanksgiving Treasure, 1974
Addie and the King of Hearts, 1976

Ruckman, Ivy, 1931- , Hastings:
Who Needs Rainbows?, 1969; The Hunger Scream, 1983; What’s an Average Kid Like Me Doing Way Up Here?, 1983; Night of the Twisters, 1984; This is Your Captain Speaking, 1987; In a Class by Herself, 1983; No Way Out, 1988; Melba the Brain, 1991 Melba the Mummy, 1991

Rumsey, Marian, 1928- , Nebraska City:
The Seal of Frog Island, 1961; High Country Adventure, 1967; Devil’s Doorstep, 1966; Carolina Hurricane, 1977 Shipwreck Bay, 1966

Rydberg, Ernie [Rydberg, Ernest], 1901- , Central City:
Conquer the Winds, 1957; Footsy, 1973; Sixteen is Special, 1965 The Yellow Line, 1969; The Shadow Army, 1976

Sanderson, Brandon, Lincoln:
Alcatraz Smedry series, 2007-

Scrimscher, Lila Gravatt, 1897-1974, Talmage, Lincoln:
The Pumpkin Flood at Harper’s Ferry, 1962

Shepard, Ray Anthony, Lincoln:
Sneakers, 1973

Stover, Marjorie Filley, 1914- , Lincoln:
Trail Boss in Pigtails, 1972; Chad and the Elephant Machine, 1975; Patrick and the Great Molasses Explosion, 1985; Midnight in the Dollhouse, 1990; When the Dolls Woke, 1985

Fiction, Picture Books and Poetry for Younger Readers

Anderson, Clarence William, 1891-1971, Wahoo:
Billy and Blaze, 1992; Blaze Finds Forgotten Roads, 1970; Blaze and Thunderbolt, 1955; Blaze and the Forest Fire, 1938 [1992]; Blaze and the Indian Cave, 1964; Blaze and the Mountain Lion, 1959; Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony, 1968

Bradford, Lois J., Fremont:
Here Come the Racing Ducks!, 1972

Brown, May Sundell, Omaha:
The Heart of Pak, 1960

Burr, Tim, Lincoln:
Old Nick, 1981

Cavanaugh, Kate, 1947- , Omaha:
Pete’s Lost, 1991
Pete Goes to Grand Island, 1991
I Can’t Sleep With Those Elves Watching Me, 1990

Children’s Television Workshop:
The Counting Book: A Sesame Street Pop Up, 1974

Cook, Julia, Fremont:
Personal Space Camp, 2007

Dewey, Ariane
Febold Feboldson, 1984

Dobrin, Arnold, 1928- , Omaha:
Jillions of Gerbils, 1973
Josephine’s ‘magination, 1973
Irish: The Story of a Girl and her Horse, 1976

Felton, Harold W., 1902- , Omaha:
Pecos Bill and the Mustang, 1965
Sergeant O’Keefe and his Mule Balaam, 1962
Big Mose, Hero Fireman, 1969

Fine, Warren, 1943-1987, Lincoln:
The Mousechildren and the Famous Collector, 1970

Gage, Colleen, 1940- , Platte River Valley:
Sandi, the Sandhill Crane, 1995
E.Z.’s Way Home, 1995

Hamsa, Bobbie, 1944- , Omaha, Ord, Grand Island:
Polly wants a Cracker, 1986

Hansen, Ron, 1947- , Omaha:
The Shadowmaker, 1987

Harrington, Janice N., 1956- , Lincoln:
Going North, 2004
Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County, 2007

Hart, Mary, Lincoln:
My Life: “Charlie,” the Quail, 1997

Hays, Hobe, 1926- , Lincoln:
The Adventure, 1965

Hays, Wilma Pitchford, 1909- , Fullerton:
Christmas on the Mayflower, 1956; Fourth of July Raid, 1959; The Goose that was a Watchdog, 1967; The Little Horse that Raced a Train, 1959; Little Lone Coyote, 1961; Little Yellow Fur, 1973; The Story of Valentine, 1956; Trouble at Otter Creek, 1978; Yellow Fur and Little Hawk, 1980

Heiderstadt, Dorothy, 1907- , Geneva:
A Bow for Turtle, 1960

Hoffman, Ruth Rosekrans, 1926-2007, Denton, Lincoln:
Anna Banana, 1975
Sweet Sister Ella, 1982
[Hoffman also illustrated many children’s books by other authors]

Hogan, Bernice, 1929- , Axtell, Omaha, Kearney:
Green Mittens from Grandma, 1996
My Grandmother Died, 1983

Jaroch, F.A., Omaha:
The Ghost of Gleason Mansion, 1978
The Tornado, 1977
Washout at Liberty Valley, 1978

Kooser, Ted, 1939, Garland:
Bag in the Wind, 2010
House Held Up By Trees, 2012

Kurrus, Jeff, Lincoln and photographs by Michael Forsberg, Lincoln:
Have You Seen Mary?, 2012

Livingston, Myra Cohn, 1926-1996, Omaha [titles are poetry for children]:
811 Liv A Song I Sang to You, 1984
811 Liv Monkey Puzzle, 1984
811 Liv Celebrations, 1985
811 Liv Higgledy-Piggledy, 1986
811 Liv Birthday Poems, 1989
811 Liv Let Freedom Ring: A Ballad of Martin Luther King, 1992
811 qLiv Sea Songs, 1986
811 qLiv Earth Songs, 1986
811 qLiv Abraham Lincoln: A Man for all the People, 1993

Lyon, David:
The Runaway Duck, 1985

McDaniels, Preston, Aurora, [Titles as author or illustrator]:
A Perfect Snowman, 2007
Phineas L. MacGuire … Erupts! The First Experiment [by Frances O’Rourke McDowell], 2006
The Turtle [by Cynthia Rylant], 2005
Whuppity Stoorie [by John Warren Stewig], 2004

Oneal, Zibby, Omaha:
Maude and Walter, 1985
Turtle and Snail, 1979

Parsons, Arthur H., d. 1959 [Parsons, Arthur H., Jr.], Omaha:
The Horn that Stopped the Band, 1954

Pierce, Robert, Lincoln:
The Day of the Wind, 1969; Look and Laugh, 1974; The Grin and Giggle Book, 1972; The Day of the Wind, Rain and Snow, 1978

Pike, Pat, 1929[?]-2007, Lincoln:
When Chloe comes to Tea, 2000

Reichenberg, Monte, 1950- , Ogallala:
Cheating Chet, 1991
Sam, Old Kate, and I, 1993

Sack, Jill, Lincoln:
The Prodigal Pig, 1983

Sawicki, Mary, 1950- , Lincoln:
My Backyard Giant, 1994

Sharp, N.L. [ Wagner, Nancy Sharp], Fremont:
Today I’m Going Fishing with my Dad, 1993
Effie’s image, 2004
The Flower Girl/The Ring Bear, 2010

Solheim, James, 1959- , Omaha:
Santa’s Secrets Revealed, 2004
Born Yesterday, Diary of Young Journalist, 2010

Teal, Val [Teal, Valentine], 1902- , Omaha:
The Little Woman Wanted Noise, [1943], 1967

Timm, Stephen A., Lincoln:
The Dragon and Mouse together again, 1981

Young Adult Non-Fiction

These non-fiction listings, while still intended to showcase the wide variety of works by Nebraska authors over time, focus more on Nebraska subjects and works that are frequently used or noticed.

Alberts, Frances Jacobs, 1907-1989, Hastings:
917.82 Sod Sod House Memories, 3 vols., 1972

Black, Roe R., 1899- , Dismal River valley near Thedford:
978.277 Bla Horseshoe-Bar Ranch. Remembering a Prairie Childhood. (Introduction by Robert Manley), 1985

Bristow, David L., Lincoln:
797.51 Bri Sky Sailors, 2010

Cook, Harold J., 1887-1962, upper Niobrara, Agate Springs Ranch:
B C769 Tales of the 04 Ranch. Recollections of Harold Cook, 1887-1909., 1968

Cunningham, Reba Pierce, d. 1991, Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island:
978.7 Cun Cowboys, Cooks & Catastrophes, 1985

Dick, Everett, Lincoln:
978 D55a Sod House Frontier, 1954, 1975
978.2 Dic Conquering the Great American Desert: Nebraska, 1975

Dittman, Susan Grace, Lincoln:
978.2 Dit Abraham Lincoln’s Shining Star, 2010

Douglass, Gladys S., 1901-1992, David City, Lincoln:
978.229 Dou Oh, Grandma, You’re Kidding: Memories of 75 Years in Lincoln, 1983

Edwards, Leta Marguerite, McCook:
B Ed92s Sauce for the Geese: The Story of a Nebraska Farm, 1949
B Ed92h Holi-daze on the Farm: A Sequel to Sauce for the Geese, 1952

Eiseley, Loren, 1907-1977, Lincoln:
575 Eis The Immense Journey, 1957
818 EisY1 The Loren Eiseley Reader (Loren Eiseley Society), 2009

Felton, Harold W., 1902- , Omaha:
398.21 F341 Legends of Paul Bunyon, 1947

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1879-1958, Lincoln:
372.13 Fis A Montessori Mother, [1912], 1916
OUT ??
Frerichs, Robert, with Paul A. Olson:
970.3 SanYs A Few Great Stories of the Santee People: Told by Many Nineteenth Century Santee and by Edna Peniska and Paul Robertson of the Modern Santee, 1979

Gibson, Bob, 1935- , Omaha:
796.357 Gib Stranger to the Game, 1994

Hammond, Earl, Aurora:
636.9 Ham Elephants in the Living Room, Bears in the Canoe, 1977

Hickey, Donald R., Susan A. Wunder and John R. Wunder, Lincoln:
978.2 Hic Nebraska Moments: Glimpses of Nebraska’s Past, 2007

Janovy, John, 1937- , Lincoln:
796.092 Jan Fields of Friendly Strife. The Relationship of a Father, a Daughter, and Sport, 1987
574 Jan On Becoming a Biologist, 1974, 2004

Johnsgard, Paul, 1931- , Lincoln:
398.245 Joh Dragons and Unicorns: A Natural History, 1982
574.526 Joh The Platte: Channels in Time, [1984], 2008
598.3 Joh Those of the Gray Wind: The Sandhill Cranes, 1981
598.41 Joh Song of the North Wind: A Story of the Snow Goose, 1974, 1979

Kloefkorn, William, 1932- , Lincoln:
811 Klo A Go Big Red Poetry Extravaganza, 1972

Kooser, Ted, 1939- , Lincoln, Garland:
917.823 Koo Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps, 2002

Luebke, Frederick C., 1927- , Lincoln:
725.11 Lue A Harmony of the Arts: The Nebraska State Capitol, 1990
978.2 Lue Nebraska: An Illustrated History, 1995, 2005

Neihardt, John G., 1881-1973, Bancroft:
B N31a All is but a Beginning: Youth Remembered, 1881-1901, 1972, 1986

Osborne, Tom, 1937- , Hastings, Lincoln:
796.332 Osb Faith in the Game: Lessons on Football, Work, and Life

Parks, Gabe, 1921-2007, Omaha:
978.2 Par Nebraska Trivia, 1998

Pipher, Mary, 1947, Lincoln:
305.235 Pip Reviving Ophelia, 1994

Randolph, Ladette and Nina Shevchuk-Murray, ed.
810.098 Ran The Big Empty: Contemporary Nebraska Nonfiction Writers, 2007

Sandoz, Mari, 1896-1966, Sheridan County:
978 Sa5lob Love Song to the Plains, 1961

Sheldon, Addison Erwin, 1861-1943, Cherry County, Lincoln:
978.2 Sh4n Nebraska: The Land and the People, 1931

Stansbery, Karyn, Brule, Ogallala:
508.782 qSta Wild and Free on the High Plains, 1992

Starita, Joe, 1948, Lincoln
Biography Standing Bear, “I Am a Man,” Chief Standing Bear’s Journey for Justice, 2009

Stephens, Dan V., 1868-1939, Fremont:
370.1 Ste Phelps and his Teachers, 1901

Strait, Treva Adams, 1909- , Scottsbluff:
B St8 Miss Adams, Country Teacher, 1991
B St8i The Price of Free Land, 1979

Welsch, Roger L., 1936- , Dannebrog:
917.82 Wel My Nebraska: The Good, the Bad, and the Husker, 2006
398.2 Wel Mister, You got Yourself a Horse, 1981

Children’s Intermediate Non-Fiction

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth, 1939- , Grand Island:
388.1 And Link across America: A Story of the Historic Lincoln Highway, 1997

Beath, Paul R., 1905- , Gothenberg:
398.21 B38fb Febold Feboldson, 1948, 1959

Bonham, Barbara, 1926- , Franklin:
B C279b Willa Cather, 1970

Borland, Hal, 1900-1978, Sterling:
970.1 Bor Rocky Mountain Tipi Tales, 1924

Brown, Elinor L., 1915-2008, Ceresco:
978.2 qBro Let’s Explore Nebraska, 1966

Brown, Marion Marsh, 1908-2001, Brownville, Omaha:
970.2 LaFYb Susette La Flesche: Advocate for Native American Rights, 1992
B C279bro Willa Cather: The Woman and her Works, 1970
B N31b Dreamcatcher: The Life of John Neihardt, (with Jane K. Leech), 1983
B Salbr Sacagawea: Indian Interpreter to Lewis and Clark, 1988

DeGering, Etta, 1898- , Arcadia, Lincoln:
B B6415d Wilderness Wife: The Story of Rebecca Bryan Boone, 1966
B B732d Seeing Fingers: The Story of Louis Braille, 1962

Ferris, Jeri, Lincoln:
B L1317f Native American Doctor. The Story of Susan LaFlesche Picotte, 1991

Gibson, Bob, 1935- , Omaha:
796.357 GibY From Ghetto to Glory, 1968

Green, Ivah, Crete:
574.5 Gre Partners with Nature, 1951
591.97 G82w Wildlife in Danger, 1960

Hays, Wilma Pitchford, 1909- , Fullerton:
917.9 Hay For Ma and Pa: On the Oregon Trail, 1844, 1972
B L58h The Meriwether Lewis Mystery, 1971

Heiderstadt, Dorothy, 1907- , Geneva:
940 Hei Knights and Champions, 1960
970.1 Hei Stolen by the Indians, 1968

Kinscella, Hazel Gertrude, d. 1960, Lincoln:
979.8 Kin Flag over Sitka: A Story of the Alaska “Transfer.”, 1947
780.15 Kin Conrad’s Magic Flight, (Kinscella Readers, Book 4), 1930

Lukesh, Jean A., Grand Island:
Biography Kuroki Lucky Ears, 2010

McCulloch, Bruce, Omaha:
636.2 McC Molly Whiteface: The Tale of a Cow, 1935

McPhee, Clare, 1872-1960, with Marguerite McPhee d. 1970, Lincoln:
782 McP George Washington’s Place, 1932
B W27m Our Washington,

Norman, Thelma Giddings, Lincoln:
636.088 Nor Norman’s Ark, 1971

Olson, James C., 1917-2005, Lincoln:
978.2 O18n Nebraska is my Home, 1965
978.2 Ols This is Nebraska, 1968

Parks, Gabe, 1921-2007 , Omaha:
978.2 Par Nebraska Trivia, 1998

Sandoz, Mari, 1896-1966, Sheridan County:
970.3 DakYs These were the Sioux, 1961, 1985

Scott, Lynn H., 1900- , St. Paul, Nebraska:
978 Sco The Covered Wagon and Other Adventures, (foreword by Charles Kuralt), 1987

Scrimscher, Lila Gravatt, 1897-1974, Talmage, Lincoln:
B P425s General Pershing, Strongman, 1965

Secord, Frank A. [Pen name: “Uncle Ross”], Omaha:
070.483 Unc Wonder Tales: Gabby Crow and Mud-and-Sticks Stories, 1933

Solheim, James, 1959- , Omaha: j641.3 Sol It’s Disgusting–and We Ate It! True Food Facts from around the World–and throughout History, 1998

Stephens, Dan V., 1868-1939, Fremont:
591.5 Ste Cottonwood Yarns: Being mostly stories told to children about some of the more or less wild animals that live at “The Cottonwoods” on the Elkhorn River in Nebraska, 1935

Sylvester, Robert, Seward:
599.3 Bra The Tale of Whitefoot, 1968

Warren, Andrea, 1946- , Norfolk, Lincoln, Hastings:
362.73 War Orphan Train Rider, 1996
978.2 War Pioneer Girl: Growing up on the Prairie, 1998
978.2 War 2009 Pioneer Girl: A True Story of Growing Up on the Prairie, 2009

Wilkerson, J.L. (Writes on Nebraska subjects, with Nebraska collaborators):
B N789p Fighting Statesman, Sen. George Norris, (with Christine Pappas), 2001
B Sa542w Scribe of the Great Plains: Mari Sandoz, 1998

Wimberly, Lowry C., 1890-1959, Lincoln:
398 W712 The Famous Cats of Fairyland, 1938

Non-Fiction for Younger Readers

Bartek, Ann Swanson, Lincoln:
796.342 Bar I want to Play Tennis, 1996

Goble, Paul, Lincoln:
970.1 BlaYg The Lost Children: The Boys who were Neglected, 1993

Hoffman, Ruth Rosekrans, 1926-2007, Denton, Lincoln [as author or illustrator]:
782.42 Mot Jane Yolen’s Mother Goose Songbook, [Jane Yolen, ed.] 1992
782.42 Yol Jane Yolen’s Old MacDonald Songbook, [by Jane Yolen] 1994
793.73 Ber Creepy, Crawly Critter Riddles [by Joanna E. Bernstein], 1986
793.73 Hop How do you Make an Elephant Float? [by Lee Bennett Hopkins], 1983

Kinscella, Hazel Gertrude, d. 1960 , Lincoln:
780.15 Kin The Man in the Drum, 1930

Owen, Ruth Bryan, 1885-1954, Lincoln:
398.2 Owe Picture Tales from Scandinavia, 1939

Pierce, Robert, Lincoln:
741.5 Pie How to Draw Cartoons, 1985
743 Pie How to Draw People and Animals, 1983
743.4 Pie How to Draw People, 1983
743.6 Pie How to Draw Animals, 1980
743.6 Pie How to Draw Baby Animals, 1986
743.89 Pie How to Draw Monsters, 1985
745.5 qPie Fold, Paste, Whittle, Paint and Hammer, 1974
793.73 qPie A Picture Puzzle Activity Book, 1976

Shepherd, Rajean Luebs, 1955- , North Platte:
j917.82 She C is for Cornhusker, 2004
j917.82 She Husker Numbers: A Nebraska Numbers Book, 2007

Solheim, James, 1959- , Omaha:
j641.3 Sol It’s Disgusting–and We Ate It! True Food Facts from around the World–and throughout History, 1998

Tibbets, Albert B., 1888- , Lincoln, Hastings:
595.799 T43f The First Book of Bees, 1952

Heritage Room staff would like to thank volunteer Anna Walter for her help in compiling this list.

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