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John H. Ames Reading Series: Readings by Nebraska Authors

While in-person programs at the Library are limited at this time, we are pleased to present readings by Nebraska authors virtually.

Book cover image for "Unholy Heart" with photo of author Grace Bauer, and book cover image for "Letter from a Place I've Never Been" with photo of author Hilda RazSunday, October 24, 2021, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Hilda Raz will read from her most recent works, List and Story and Letter from a Place I’ve Never Been, and Grace Bauer will read from her  recently published collection of poems, Unholy Heart. This presentation will be presented via Zoom; log in here!

cover image of "Pickard County Atlas" and photo of author Chris Harding ThorntonSunday, March 6, 2022, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Nebraska writer and novelist Chris Harding Thornton will read from her novel, Pickard County Atlas, which has just been released in paperback. “An atmospheric, slow-burning beauty of a book, rich with raw-edged lyricism and achingly real characters.” —Tana French, author of The Searcher.

All Ames Reading Series programs are taped for later broadcast on LNKTV City. The broadcast schedule is available here. Many of these programs are also available to watch on YouTube.

30 Years and 200+ Readings!
Lists of the 200+ Ames Readings from the past 30 years organized by presenter and by date are available here.

Videos of talks have been provided by LNKTV. Video and sound quality may vary. (Click on the names to view the videos.)

Videos from previous years:

  • 2020 Gretchen Garrison; Theodore Wheeler; Dirk Chatelain
  • 2019 Terese Svoboda; Matt Mason and Stacey Waite; Jeff Korbelik; Sarah Dale and Ellie Piersol
  • 2018 Joel Green; The Launch of Charlene Neely and Gerry Cox
  • 2017 Pamela Barger, Alan Boye, John Janovy, Jr., Paul Johnsgard, Mary Pipher, and Barbara Schmitz; J.V. Brummels, Jim Cihlar, Cat Dixon, Twyla Hansen, Greg Kosmicki, Greg Kuzma, Glenna Luschei, Sarah McKinstry Brown, Marjorie Saiser, Daniel Simon, and Mary K. Stillwell
  • 2016 Jonis Agee, Anna Monardo, Ladette Randolph, Timothy Schaffert, and Karen Shoemaker; Steve Langan, Bradford Tice, and Laura Madeline Wiseman
  • 2015 Tonya Kuper and Lydia Kang; Leta Powell Drake and Ron Hull
  • 2014 Linda Battisti and John Stevens Berry, Sr.; Stephanie Whitson, Karen Shoemaker, Helen Waring Johnson, Andrew Jewell, and Twyla Hansen
  • 2013 Lucy Adkins, Becky Breed, Lisa Knopp, Marjorie Saiser, and Mary K. Stillwell; Kwame Dawes
  • 2012 Lou Leviticus; Mary Helen Stefaniak; Paul Dickey; Susan Grace Dittman; Sarah McKinstry-Brown
  • 2011 Ted Kooser; Marge Saiser; Roger Aden; James Cihlar; Brent Spencer; John Janovy; Sarah Fairchild and Others
  • 2010 Joseph Wydeven; Glenna Luschei; Rick Cypert; Hilda Raz; Dominique Garay and Oscar Rios; N. L. Sharp; Michael Forsberg
  • 2009 Jeff Barnes; Amil Quayle; Amelia Maria de la Cruz Montes; Harley Jane Kozak; Joe Starita; Stephanie Grace Whitson; Robert McEwen
  • 2008 Mary Elizabeth Anderson; Susan and John Wunder; William Kloefkorn; Sean Doolittle; Ted Kooser; Rajean Luebs Shepherd; Matt Mason
  • 2007 Greg Kosmicki; Charlotte Hogg; Twyla Hansen and Paul Johnsgard; Betty Levitov; Rajean Luebs Shepherd; Kelly Madigan Erlandson
  • 2006 Carlos Frey and Bill Kloefkorn; Alex Kava; Joy Carol; Ladette Randolph; Susanne George Bloomfield; Robert Reed; Shirley Maly
  • 2005 James Solheim; Pam Barger; Charles Fort; Julie Kaewert; David Gardiner; Karen Shoemaker
  • 2004 Don Welch; Lucy Adkins; Robert McEwen; Kathleene West; Paul Johnsgard; Brent Spencer; Lisa Knopp
  • 2003 William Kloefkorn; Marilyn Dorf; Marjorie Saiser; Timothy Schaffert; Hilda Raz; Steve Buhler; the April 17, 2003 presentation by Twyla Hansen is not available at this time.
  • 2002 Nancy McCleery; Christine Pappas; Steve Langan; Richard Dooling; David Bristow; Roy Scheele; Ruth Thone
  • 2001 Richard Kimbrough; Grace Bauer; Mary K. Stillwell; Sarah Fairchild, Lucy Adkins and Robert King; Greg Kosmicki; Constance Merritt; the January 18, 2001 presentation by Jonis Agee is not available at this time.
  • 2000 Susan Rosowski; Judith Slater; Barbara Jones; Karen Shoemaker; David Wishart; Paul Eggers; the February 17, 2000 presentation by Jim Reese is not available at this time.
  • 1999 Robert Reed; Marge Saiser; Hobe Hays; PlainSense of Things 2 (Twyla Hansen, Ted Kooser, Marge Saiser, Roy Scheele); Neil Harrison; Ron Block
  • 1998 Barbara Schmitz; Roy Scheele; Terri Brown Davidson; J. V. Brummels; Art Homer; Victoria Alexander; Ruth Thone
  • 1997 Charlyne Berens; John Janovy; Hilda Raz;Lela Knox Shanks; Stephanie Grace Whitson; Carol Miles Petersen; no video was produced for the January 16, 1997 presentation by John Sorenson.
  • 1996 Paul Johnsgard; Robert McEwen; Joe Starita; Marion Marsh Brown; Irene Rose Gray; Marly Swick
  • 1995 Mignon Eberhart (Barbara Rix and Lila McVay); Betty Stevens; Lenora Castillo; Fred Murray; Clarence Davis; Cheryl St. John; James Reed


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