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Info and Links about Bryant & May series for July Just Desserts

Just Desserts Logo 225Because of the cancellation of our May meeting, and the subsequent readjustment of our Just Desserts schedule, pushing all the June through September meeting themes backwards by one month, any group members still wanting to track down a copy of one or more of the Bryant & May/Peculiar Crimes Unit mysteries by Christopher Fowler don’t have to do so for June…but we still encourage you to place holds now for any of those titles for the July meeting, as there are limited numbers of copies of all titles in the series. Not everyone is going to be able to read Full Dark House (the first in the series), as there are only two copies and there are already two holds on it — but that’s currently the ONLY volume in the series with any holds on it!

Here’s the message included to members of the Just Desserts e-mail list previously:

“In [July], attendees will be discussing the entire Bryant & May series (12 volumes to date) by Christopher Fowler. The library owns all twelve but only a few copies of each, so I highly encourage folks who want to participate that month to consider placing holds on whichever volumes you want to sample, this far in advance, to guarantee that everyone can get ahold of at least one. Of the 12 volumes in the series, most can be read as stand-alone novels, although #1 Full Dark House is a origin story, #3 Seventy Seven Clocks is a flashback story and #7 and #8 On the Loose and Off the Rails are a connected two-part storyline. Only three of the titles are available from the library in eBook format, and none in audiobook (although most if not all titles are available in eBook format on both Amazon and BarnesandNoble.

Here’s a hotlink to background about the series on Wikipedia
Here’s a hotlink to the series order on
and, most importantly, Here’s a hotlink to all Christopher Fowler books in the libraries’ collection, so you can place holds electronically! (be aware Fowler has a few non-Bryant & May titles)”

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