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Join the discussion of Richard Osman’s “Thursday Murder Club” series

The Just Desserts mystery fiction discussion group held its August 2023 meeting in person, on Thursday August 31st. Seventeen attendees discussed the bestselling series of humorous mysteries by British author Richard Osman, starting with The Thursday Murder Club. If you have read any of these novels, and would like to contribute your comments about them, please do so as a reply comment to this blog post, below.

For reminders about upcoming Just Desserts meetings and/or other announcements of interest to mystery fans, don’t forget to sign up for the Just Desserts e-mail list. Or, if you’re logged into your account on Facebook, you can visit the Events page for the Lincoln City Libraries, and mark whether or not you plan to attend upcoming sessions of Just Desserts – this is a great way for you to help us promote this engaging discussion group!

So…What did you think of The Thursday Murder Club series? Will you read additional works by Richard Osman?

At our next meeting, on September 28th, 2023, the members of Just Desserts will be discussing the novel All Good People Here, by Ashley Flowers, at the downtown library. We hope to see you there!

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