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Join the discussion on the first three novels of S.A. Cosby

Hey, mystery fans! Looking for something good to read?

At the February 2023 Just Desserts meeting, 13 group members participated in a discussion of the first three novels by American mystery/suspense author S.A. (Sean) Cosby — My Darkest Prayer (2019), Blacktop Wasteland (2020) and Razorblade Tears (2021).

Absolutely no-one in the Just Desserts group disliked whichever of the novels they had read — and the entire group agreed that Cosby is an incredibly good writer. However, several group members indicated that the levels of violence and coarse language in Cosby’s novels would preclude them from reading anything further by this author. On the other hand, several group members look forward to tracking down all of his works, not to mention future books by this author.

So…What did you think of the works of S.A. Cosby? Which have you read?

Just Desserts returns on March 30th, with another grab bag theme — “Science Fiction & Fantasy Murder Mysteries”. We hope to see you there!

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