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Just Desserts – March 2021 – Join the Discussion of Anthony Horowitz’ “Magpie Murders”

The Just Desserts mystery fiction discussion group met online using Zoom meeting software, on March 25th, 2021, due to the libraries ongoing pandemic safety precautions. Attendees discussed Magpie Murders, first in a new series by British author Anthony Horowitz,  the creator of Midsomer Murders, Foyle’s War, and the Alex Rider YA series of novels. If you read this book, and would like to contribute your comments about it, please do so as a reply comment to this blog post, below.

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So…What did you think of Anthony Horowitz’ Magpie Murders?

The following handout was prepared for the members of Just Desserts: The Fiction of Anthony Horowitz.

We hope to return to public meetings, including Just Desserts, at some point in the current Book Group season. Watch the libraries’ website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for the latest updates! In the meantime, we hope Just Desserters will join us on Zoom on April 29th, for a discussion of the three different mystery series from author Elly Griffiths.

2 thoughts on “Just Desserts – March 2021 – Join the Discussion of Anthony Horowitz’ “Magpie Murders”

  1. Scott C

    Just Desserts member Sharon contributed the following on “Magpie Murders”: I will miss the meeting tonight. I did read the book and enjoyed the two-books-in-one concept. I did find that the books dragged at times and some parts of the narrative were unnecessary.
    I found myself disliking both the fictional detective (Atticus Pund) from the first mysery and the author (Alan Conway) from the second mystery! I liked the twists in the second mystery around the author’s death. So many people with good reason to want him dead! I did not figure out the killer in that mystery but had deduced [who] had been the killer in Pye Hall.

    March 26, 2021 at 4:57 pm
  2. 4194
  3. Scott C.

    Just Desserts member Rayma contributed the following on “Magpie Murders”: I really like the book we read. I got it when it first came out and was really amazed at the way the story was handled.

    March 26, 2021 at 4:59 pm

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