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Just Desserts Series Share results for 2023

Hey, mystery fans! Looking for something good to read?

At the May 25th, 2023 Just Desserts meeting that took place in person at the Bennett Martin Public Library, 17 group members participated in our 11th annual “Series Share” discussion, in which attendees were encouraged to read the first or second volume in any new mystery/thriller/suspense series that’s started within the past three years, and share their thoughts in a “round-robin” format; two more group members shared their selections via e-mail. Here’s a list of the novels/series that were mentioned by group members. We asked all attendees to also give a “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” for whatever series they sampled – all but one  of the participants this month gave a “Thumbs Up” to whatever they read:

Just Desserts Series Share Results for 2023!

What mysteries have you been reading lately that you’d recommend?


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