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Storytime in the Pollinator Garden

Learn about how bees and pollinators live and how we can provide habitat for them in our own backyards!

Welcome to the Pollinator Garden video series! This is a fun collaboration between Lincoln City Libraries and the UNL Bee Lab. We have created a series of six videos highlighting honeybees, butterflies and other pollinators and their habitats. To go along with this, starting October 20 all Lincoln City Libraries locations are offering a simple craft of wildflower seed paper to plant and some rocks to make a pollinator water station. There is a limited quantity and families can ask for this craft at their local library’s circulation desk. Watch the videos, check out books from the booklists and learn why pollinators are important and how you can make a difference!

Booklists related to these videos are also available. These videos are also available in a YouTube playlist.

Come look inside a honey bee hive from the comfort of your own home! Courtney and Sheldon from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Bee Lab will open a honey bee hive and show us what is happening inside, the different roles of honey bees and how they survive the winter.

How does honey get from the hive to the bottle on your table? We will look at processing honey and products made from beeswax. Courtney will show us a step-by-step demonstration of making lotion with beeswax, and provide a recipe so you can make it at home too!

Did you know there are hundreds of other bee species other than the honey bee? Courtney and Sheldon from the UNL Bee Lab will show us some of the habitats of wild bees, the plants they use for homes, and show step by step instructions for making a wild bee hotel to put in your own backyard!

There are wild bees in your own backyard. Learn how to identify them, where they like to live and what they eat. Did you know we rely on pollinators for 35% of our food? Unfortunately, their populations are declining. Come discover how you can help save the bees!

Come dive into the world of butterflies native to Lincoln, NE. We will show what plants are important to butterflies for food, habitat, and how can we help them thrive

Do you want to help pollinators and the ecosystem, or redesign your landscape, but don’t know where to start? Come discover the world of native plants and some great starter species you can plant.

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