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Lincoln City Libraries Volunteers

Lincoln City Libraries Volunteers: Read...Learn...ConnectMake a difference in your community – volunteer at your local library!

  • [photo of volunteer]I volunteer because it is my civic duty. Also, it is good exercise! I also like to volunteer at the library because I enjoy interacting with the public and because the library is a learning environment.

  • [photo of volunteer]I volunteer because I love to read and I love the library! When I volunteer, I feel like I am making a contribution to the library."

  • [photo of volunteer]The reason I volunteer is that it's payback time for all the free books I'm able to read!

  • [photo of volunteer]I volunteer because of the feeling of doing something needed and worthwhile for people who appreciate it!

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With the support of Lincoln City Libraries staff, over 1,000 volunteers currently donate their time and talents in our libraries throughout the year. Our volunteers have a variety of reasons for contributing their time, talent, and energy to Lincoln City Libraries. Reasons for volunteering include:

  • wanting to “give back” something to the community
  • completing a high school graduation requirement
  • being productive while job-searching
  • getting exercise while shelving books
  • because it’s fun!

Who can apply?

Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals who have completed 5th grade and on up; please contact the Library location where you are most interested in volunteering.

Volunteer Positions:

[books graphic]The Shelver

You are the kind of person who likes to organize everything and wants to put things in their proper place. This is the job for you!

[shelf reading graphic]The Shelf Reader

You are the ultimate organizer! You are the type of person who goes out of their way to keep things in order.

[gardening graphic]The Gardener

Do you have a green thumb? Your skills are needed to beautify the green spaces around our libraries.

[flowerpot graphic]The Plant Care Specialist

If you are good with plants, your abilities are needed to provide tender loving care to our indoor plants.

[feather duster graphic]The Housekeeper

If you enjoy tidying up and using a vacuum or a feather duster, then this is the position for you! Your skills are needed to dust books and shelves throughout the library.

[tools graphic]The Generalist

You are the kind of person who loves to do a little bit of everything wherever you are needed.

[handshake graphic]The Outreach Specialist

Share your passion for Lincoln City Libraries with others! Promote library services and resources at community events and festivals.

For Teens:

[photo of Teen Advisory Board members]Teen Advisory Board

Creative teens are needed to advise library staff about materials, programs and services they would like to see in the library. This is your chance to make a difference! Here’s more information about our Teen Advisory Boards.

[calendar graphic]Year-Round Teen

Can’t get enough of libraries? Spend your free time helping out at the library of your choice!

[State Capitol graphic]Government and Politics

This is a short-term commitment to complete the volunteer requirement for graduation. GoPo positions fill up quickly, so be sure to get your name in early!

[trophy graphic]National Honor Society or Other Organization

Short-term assignments are also available for students needing to complete volunteer work for a variety of organizations.

For Groups:

[crowd graphic]One-Shot Opportunities

Looking for an organization to help out but only have one or two days to do your volunteer work? E-mail for additional information.