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One Book One Lincoln Preview Discussion Podcast

One Book - One LincolnAs part of the countdown to the revelation of this year’s single One Book — One Lincoln title on September 8th, a series of Preview Discussions are being held throughout the community. These meetings, held at bookstores in various parts of Lincoln, feature members of the One Book selection committee, discussing the process of narrowing down the list of suggested titles to the five finalists — the public has been invited to attend and ask questions.

We’ve been recording some of these Preview Discussions for release as Podcasts on the library’s website, and the first of them (a talk at the A Novel Idea used bookstore downtown) is now available:

One Book One Lincoln Preview at A Novel Idea (2008).

One thought on “One Book One Lincoln Preview Discussion Podcast

  1. Scott Clark

    Maureen Meehan said:
    I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend a disscussion of the books on the short list.
    I had not realized that all the books considered were recommended by the reading public.
    The synopses of the chosen books reflected my own but as always one always learns more by discussing a book.As a child I once taught remarked in a book discussion “You don’t really know what a book is about until you talk about it”
    Thank you for organising the talks.

    August 6, 2008 at 10:57 am

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