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One Book – One Lincoln – 2003 – Resources

one_bookmapOne Book – One Lincoln – 2003
Additional Resources

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Please use hotlinks on the main 2003 page and on the 2003 Additional Resources page.


See a list of Bel Canto book discussion group times and locations See a list of list of official events taking place during September, October or November as part of the One Book - One Lincoln experience Information about the selected novel - Bel Canto Quotes from critics and readers about Bel Canto Links to on-line excerpts from the novel Bel Canto An extensive list of links to on-line reviews of Bel Canto, plus a list of sources at Lincoln City Libraries for printed reviews of the novel Information about Ann Patchett, the award-winning author of Bel Canto A list of links to on-line interviews with Ann Patchett, the author of Bel Canto Links to several on-line sources for 'Discussion Questions' for book groups reading Bel Canto Information about the National Book Critics Circle Award, for which Bel Canto was nominated Information about the PEN/Faulkner Award, which was won by Bel Canto in 2002 Information about the Orange Prize for fiction written by women, which was won by Ann Patchett for Bel Canto in 2003 Information about the IMPAC/Dublin Award, for which Bel Canto was nominated in 2002 Information about Opera and Opera Singers, both general and with a local focus Information about Peruvian rebel group Tupac Amaru, whose seizure of the Japanese ambassador's residence in Lima in 1996 inspired the events depicted in Bel Canto A list of books and authors you might enjoy if you enjoyed reading Bel Canto Links to other cities and organizations which have selected Bel Canto as their 'community reading projects' Check the availability of Bel Canto in the Lincoln City Library holdings

Additional Resources for Bel Canto

Please be aware that some of the links on this historical archive page may have expired.

On-Line Reviews of Bel Canto

Connect to the following on-line reviews of Bel Canto, by both professional critics and average readers.

About the Author – Ann Patchett

Learn more about award-winning author Ann Patchett at the following sites:

Links to On-Line Interviews with Ann Patchett

Interested in reading some interviews with Ann Patchett? The following list of links will take you to several interviews she did, mostly about Bel Canto, but also covering her other novels as well.

  • AudioFile Magazine Not about Bel Canto
  • CBS News – The Early Show Transcript of a Jul 9 2002 television interview with Ann Patchett and her mother, Jeanne Ray, who is also an author
  • Detroit Free Press, Marta Salig, May 1 2003 (no longer available online)
  • – Interview on the publisher’s Australian site, 2002 (no longer available)
  • columnist Pat Holt, Nov 15 2002 (no longer available)
  • The Honolulu Advertiser, Mar 9 2003 (no longer available)
  • NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Jul 2 2002 (no longer available)
  • Pif Magazine, Candace Moonshower
  •, Dave Weich, Jun 27 2001 (no longer available)
  • The Radcliffe Quarterly, Deborah Weisgal, Summer 2003 (no longer available)
  • The Southern Register, Joan Wylie Hall, Winter 2002
  • Audio Interviews with Ann Patchett
  • Minnesota Public Radio, Jul 11 2001 RealAudio Format (no longer available)
  • Nashville Public Radio – The Fine Print with Rebecca Bain, Jul 14 2001 RealAudio Format (no longer available)
  • Nashville Public Radio – The Fine Print with Rebecca Bain, Apr 6 2002 RealAudio Format (no longer available)
  • National Public Radio, May 13 2002 RealAudio Format (no longer available)

About the Book – Bel Canto

Want some general information about the book? You can find it at any of these sites:

Excerpts from Bel Canto

Want to read a sample from Bel Canto first? Visit one of the following sites:

Reading Group Discussion Guides

Leading a book group but need some good questions to start the discussions going? Try the following sites:

  • Boise, Idaho
    • Discussion Guidelines and Questions (no longer available)
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Detroit Free Press reading club’s guide (no longer available)
  • HarperCollins’ official Bel Canto reading guide (no longer available)
  • The Lincoln Journal Star official Resource Guide (no longer available online)
  • Reading Group Guides

About the Term “Bel Canto”

The Italian term “Bel Canto” means “beautiful singing,” or more specifically “an elegant Italian vocal style characterized by florid melodic lines delivered by voices of great agility, smoothness and purity of tone.” For some more-detailed descriptions of the “Bel Canto” singing technique, please visit the following links:

Other Cities Reading Bel Canto

If You Liked Bel Canto, You Might Like:

You might also like to read Ann Patchett’s other books:

On-Line Resources About Opera

On-Line Resources About Tupac Amaru

Peruvian rebel group Tupac Amaru’s siege of the Japanese ambassador’s home in Lima in 1996 was the inspiration for the events portrayed in Bel Canto. Read more about the real-life events at these links.

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