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One Book – One Lincoln – 2005 – Photos From Afghanistan

Lincoln City Libraries – One Book – One Lincoln – 2005 – Photos From Afghanistan

One Book - One Lincoln

One Book One Lincoln A joint venture of the Lincoln Journal Star and Lincoln City Libraries
One Book – One Lincoln – 2005:
Photos from Afghanistan – 1976


A look back at Afghanistan in 1976

In the online One Book — One Lincoln Discussion Forums page (no longer active), participant “Joe German” volunteered to provide a selection of photos from his trip through Afghanistan in 1976, to help readers picture what the country was like in the early stages of The Kite Runner. We’ve happily taken him up on his offer. Below, you will find ten representative photos, with Joe’s captions. We hope you will enjoy this “real-life” look at the Afghanistan of Khaled Hosseini’s past.

[ Click on small images of photos to see a larger version ]

School children from the village school in Bala Murgab, a place about 25 miles away from the former Soviet border

Scene from a remote area in the north

A bakery in Herat

A market scene from Kabul; few women were wearing the “burka” at the time, btw

The great Buddha of Bamiyan, blown up by the Taliban

Another photo of the great Buddha of Bamiyan, with a person by the foot to show scale

A view over the valley of Bamiyan from above the head of the great Buddha

From the lakes of Band-i-Amir, one of the most spectacular sights in Afghanistan

Another view from the lakes of Band-i-Amir

This last photo shows the “Buskashi”-game, in full gallop the riders hunt after a goat killed before the game, and try to lift it from the ground hanging over the necks of their horses.

[These photos are the property of the photographer and are used on this Web site with his permission. No commercial use may be made without the photographer’s express consent.]

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