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One Book – One Lincoln – 2005 – Resources

one_bookmapOne Book – One Lincoln – 2005:
Additional Resources


Additional Resources for The Kite Runner

On-Line Reviews of The Kite Runner

Connect to the following on-line reviews of The Kite Runner, by both professional critics and average readers.

Print Reviews of The Kite Runner available at the Lincoln City Libraries

These journals are all available in the basement Periodicals room at the Bennett Martin Public Library, 136 South 14th St.

  • BookList, July 2003, pg. 1864 – Review by Kristine Huntley
  • BookList, April 1, 2004, pg. 1360
  • Book World, July 6, 2003; pg. 3 – Review by Pamela Constable
  • Book World, September 26, 2004, pg. 11
  • Entertainment Weekly, June 6, 2003 pg. 82 – Review by Monica Mehta
  • Kirkus Reviews, May 1, 2003, pg. 630
  • Library Journal, April 15, 2003, pg. 122 – Review by Rebecca Stuhr
  • New York Times Book Review, August 3, 2003, pg. 4 – Review by Edward Hower
  • New York Times Book Review, May 16, 2004, pg. 32
  • People, July 14, 2003, pg. 47 – Review by Ron Givens
  • Publisher’s Weekly, May 12, 2003, pg. 43
  • School Library Journal, November 2003, pg. 171 – Review by Penny Stevens
  • The Times Literary Supplement, October 10, 2003, ppg. 25 – Review by James O’Brien
  • Reviews of the Audio Version of the Book
  • Kliatt, November 2003, pg. 50
  • Library Journal, November 15, 2003, pg. 114


Learn more about the author Khaled Hosseini at the following sites:

  • (the author’s official Web site)
  • Penguin Group USA (no longer available)
  • (no longer available)
  • (no longer available)
  • Cincinnati Public Library (no longer available)


Interested in reading some interviews with Khaled Hosseini? The following list of links will take you to several interviews he has participated in, mainly covering his debut novel, The Kite Runner.

  • [Interview with Riverhead Books, Hosseini’s U.S. publisher] (no longer available)
  • National Public Radio
  • [Pakistani news site, Nov 2003]
  • San Francisco Chronicle [June 8, 2003] (no longer available)
  • Afghan Magazine [June 2004] (no longer available)
  • The Village Rambler [May/June 2005] (no longer available)
  • Barnes & Noble – Meet the Writers (no longer available)
  • Audio Interviews with Khaled Hosseini
  • The Forum at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, September 26, 2004 [RealAudio format] (no longer available)
  • National Public Radio, July 27, 2003 [RealAudio or Windows Media Player formats]
  • Minnesota Public Radio [Windows Media Player format]


Want a basic description, or just some general information about the book? You can find it at any of these sites:

Publisher’s information
Hardback [enter book title in search box] (no longer available)
Trade paperback [enter book title in search box] (no longer available)
Book-on-CD format from Simon & Audio
Audiotape format from Simon & Audio
Listen to an Audio extract from the book [in Windows Media, MP3 or Quicktime formats] Large Print format from Center Point Large Print Books (no longer available)
Wikipedia page for The Kite Runner

Glossary and Pronunciation Guide to some of the names/terms in “The Kite Runner” [Richardson Public Library, Texas] (no longer available)

Another brief Glossary and Pronunciation Guide to names/terms in “The Kite Runner” [Pittsboro Memorial Library, North Carolina] (no longer available)

Awards won by The Kite Runner:

  • Alex Award 2004
  • Summer 2003 Breakout Book
  • American Library Association Notable Book
  • Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers book
  • Book Sense Bestseller List Sensation
  • Borders Orgininal Voices Award winner
  • Entertainment Weekly’s Best Book 2003
  • Entertainment Weekly Top Ten Fiction Pick of the Year
  • San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the Year


Want to read a sample from The Kite Runner first? Visit one of the following sites:


Leading a book group for The Kite Runner but need some good questions to start the discussions going? Try the following sites:

The Lincoln Journal Star official Resource Guide [coming on September 19th!]

  • Penguin Group USA
    Discussion Guidelines and Questions (no longer available)
    Discussion Questions [same as Penguin Group USA]
  • Cincinnati on the Same Page (no longer available)
  • Fairfax County, Virginia (no longer available)
  • Richardson Public Library, Richardson, Texas (no longer available)


If You Liked The Kite Runner, You Might Like:

The following books, both fiction and non-fiction, are recommended titles you may wish to pursue if you enjoyed The Kite Runner, and are interested in learning more about Afghan culture and society or the theme of friendship, betrayal and redemption. All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department.

Adult Fiction

Novels Set in Afghanistan

Novels of Family, Friendship, Exile and War-Torn Lands

The Lives of Afghan Women

Memoirs and Travel Tales

History of Afghanistan

Children’s Fiction

Children’s Non-Fiction


Here are some sites containing information about Afghanistan, its people, its culture and its history:

Many of the Lincoln City Libraries’ databases at Research Databases include pertinent information about Afghanistan.


If you’d like to see some photos of Afghanistan in 1976 — one of the time periods covered by The Kite Runner, please visit our 1976 Afghanistan Photos page.


Interested in more information about Afghan kites and the tradition of kite fighting? Visit one of these sites:


  • Bath and Brunswick, Maine [2005 selection] (no longer available)
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts [2005 selection] [no online resources available]
  • Chelsea, Michigan [2005 selection] [no online resources available]
  • Cincinnati Public Library, Cincinnati, Ohio [2005 selection] (no longer available)
  • Deschutes County, Oregon [2005 selection]
  • East Lansing, Michigan and Michigan State University [2005 selection] (no longer available)
  • Eastern Connecticut – “One Book One Region” [2004 selection]
  • Fairfax County, Virginia [2005 selection] (no longer available)
  • Johnson County, Iowa [2004 selection] [no online resources available]
  • Multnomah County Library, Portland OR [2006 selection]
  • Nashua, New Hampshire [2005 selection] [no online resources available]
  • Pasadena Public Library, Pasadena, California [2005 selection]
  • Pittsboro, North Carolina [2004 selection] (no longer available)
  • Reading Across Rhode Island [2005 selection] (no longer available)
  • Richardson, Texas [2005 selection] (no longer available)
  • Santa Monica Public Library, Santa Monica, California [2005 selection] (no longer available)
  • Saratoga Springs, New York [2005 selection] [no online resources available]
  • United Valley Libraries, Connecticut [2005 selection]
  • Winnetka-Northfield, Illinois [2004 selection] (no longer available)
  • Woodland, California [2004 selection] (no longer available)

What Other Communities Are Reading

Visit the following site to see a comprehensive list of the books used by community-wide reading programs from across the United States and Canada:

One Book Reading Promotion Projects (Library of Congress Center for the Book)

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