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One Book – One Lincoln – 2006 – Resources

Lincoln City Libraries – One Book – One Lincoln – 2006 – Additional Resources

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One Book One Lincoln A joint venture of the Lincoln Journal Star and Lincoln City Libraries
One Book – One Lincoln – 2006:
Additional Resources

Additional Resources for The Devil in the White City


On-Line Reviews of The Devil in the White City

Connect to the following on-line reviews of The Devil in the White City, by both professional critics and average readers.

Print Reviews of The Devil in the White City available at the Lincoln City Libraries
These journals are all available in the basement Periodicals room at the Bennett Martin Public Library, 136 South 14th St.

  • Booklist, Feb 15, 2003 – Review
  • Booklist, May 15, 2003 – Review of Audio Adaptation
  • Book, Jan 2003 – Review
  • BookPage, Feb 2003 – Review
  • Christian Science Monitor, Nov 4, 2003 – Review
  • Entertainment Weekly, Feb 28, 2003 – Review
  • Entertainment Weekly, Dec 26, 2003 – Review
  • Esquire, Feb 2003 – Review
  • Kirkus Reviews, Nov 15, 2002 – Review
  • Library Journal, Jan 2003 – Review
  • Library Journal, Nov 1, 2003 – Review of Audio Adaptation
  • New York Times Book Review, Mar 9, 2003 – Review
  • People, Mar 10, 2003 – Review
  • Publishers Weekly, Dec 15, 2002 – Review
  • Publishers Weekly, Nov 17, 2003 – Review


Learn more about the author Erik Larson at the following sites:


Interested in reading some interviews with Erik Larson? The following list of links will take you to several print or audio interviews he has participated in, mainly covering our selected book, The Devil in the White City.

  • C-SPAN’s Booknotes [Sep 14 2003]
  • [Mar 13, 2003] (no longer available)
  • [Mar 24, 2003]
  • [2003] (no longer available)
  • Barnes & Noble’s Meet the Writer interview [2003] (no longer available)
  • Audio Interviews with Erik Larson
  • The Diane Rehm show, Mar 3 2003 [RealPlayer required] (no longer available)
  • EyeonBooks [WIndows Media Player] (no onger available)
  • Cover to Cover – KPFA-AM in Berkley, CA [RealAudio] (no longer available)
  • Katy and Judy’s Radio Readers – WGN Radio [RealAudio] (no longer available)


Want a basic description, or just some general information about the book? You can find it at these sites [same excerpt at each location]:


Want to read a sample from The Devil in the White City first? Visit one of the following sites [same excerpt at each site]:


Leading a book group for The Devil in the White City but need some good questions to start the discussions going? Try the following sites:


Here are some sites containing information about The World’s Columbian Exposition — a.k.a. the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair:


Interested in more information about Daniel Burnham, Frederick Law Olmstead, and the other architects and designers responsible for the World’s Columbian Exposition? Try one of these sites:


Interested in more information about H.H. Holmes (a.k.a. Henry Mudgett) — one of America’s first recorded serial killers? Try one of these sites:


  • Lewis County Reads, Centralia, WA [2005/06 selection] (no longer available)
  • Stoughton, MA [2006 selection – no info on web any longer]
  • The Big Read — Western suburbs of Chicago [2005 selection – no web info]

Book Clubs or Other Programs
The Devil in the White City has been one of the most popular book selections of local and regional book clubs throughout the United States for the past few years. Those listed below barely scratch the surface — most local groups do not put their post-discussion comments online.

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