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One Book – One Lincoln – 2007 – Resources

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One Book One Lincoln A joint venture of the Lincoln Journal Star and Lincoln City Libraries
One Book – One Lincoln – 2007:
Related Resources

Additional Resources for The Worst Hard Time


On-Line Critical Reviews of The Worst Hard Time

Connect to the following on-line reviews of The Worst Hard Time, by professional critics:

Blog Reviews of The Worst Hard Time

Connect to the following on-line reviews of The Worst Hard Time, in the weblogs of average readers:


Learn more about the author Timothy Egan at the following sites:

  • Egan bio on Claremore (OK) Reads site (no longer available)
  • National Book Foundation page on Egan
  • Profile for The Nature of Words, a Central Oregon Literary Event in Nov 2007 (no longer available)


Interested in reading some interviews with Timothy Egan? The following list of links will take you to several print or audio interviews he has participated in, mainly covering our selected book, The Worst Hard Time.

  • From the Houghton-Mifflin Official Readers Guide [2005] (no longer available)
  • Smithsonian magazine’s “Well Read” interview [September 11, 2006] (no longer available)
  • BookBrowse [reprinted from publisher’s web site]
  • Brief Seattle Times interview upon Egan winning the National Book Award [Nov 15 2006] (no longer available)
  • Audio Interviews with Timothy Egan
  • The Diane Rehm Show [December 5, 2005] [RealAudio or Windows Media] (no longer available)


Want a basic description, or just some general information about the book? You can find it at these sites [same excerpt at each location]:


Want to read a sample from The Worst Hard Time first? Visit one of the following sites [same excerpt at each site]:


Leading a book group for The Worst Hard Time but need some good topics to get the discussions going? Try the following Reading Group Guides:


Here are some books in the Lincoln City Libraries collection related to the topics covered in The Worst Hard Time:

The libraries also have dozens of other books on United States History from this time period — to browse a more complete list, conduct a subject search (or click here) on: Dust Bowl Era. Here are some selected web sites containing information about the Dust Bowl era of United States history:

You’ll also find articles about the Dust Bowl era, agricultural methods of the 1930s, and the Great Depression, in the following subscription databases available here through the libraries’ “Research Resources.” Have your library card # handy to log into these databases:

  • Ebsco Masterfile Elite — full-text magazine articles
  • eLibrary — articles from selected magazines, newspapers, books, and radio and TV broadcasts
  • Wilson Omnifile — full-text magazine articles
  • History Reference e-books — a collection of electronic history reference books
  • Facts on File Science Online — extensive information on a broad range of scientific disciplines
  • Opposing Viewpoints — information on social issues
  • World Book Online — comprehensive encyclopedia


The Worst Hard Time won the prestigious National Book Award for 2006, for Non-Fiction titles, as well as several other noteworthy awards or citations. You can learn more at sites associated with some of the following awards or honors:


As of the fall of 2007, Lincoln, Nebraska and the Lincoln City Libraries appear to be the first city to select The Worst Hard Time as the sole title for a full city-wide reading project! However, other communities or local organizations have included The Worst Hard Time in one way or another.

  • Bellevue Community College [Bellevue, WA] [2007/2008] (no longer available)
  • Claremore, Oklahoma — one of six titles selected  [2007] (no longer available)

Book Clubs or Other Programs
The Worst Hard Time has been has been selected by several local and regional book clubs throughout the United States since it was released in December 2005. The following are those with information and/or discussion comments available electronically — most local groups do not put their post-discussion comments online.

If You Liked Reading The Worst Hard Time, You Might Like:

Non-Fiction That Reads Like Fiction

^– A collection of links to various library and reading booklists around the country, hosted at the Waterboro Public Library site


  • Surviving the Dust Bowl by The American Experience [1998] [Episode of the television series The American Experience, presenting the remarkable story of the determined people who clung to their homes and way of life, enduring drought, dust, disease — even death — for nearly a decade.]
  • The Plow That Broke the Plains; and The River [Documentaries, 1936 and 1938] [The Plow That Broke the Plains depicts the social and economic history of the Great Plains from the settlement of the prairies by cattlemen and farmers through the World War I boom to drought and depression. The River traces life in the Mississippi River Valley during the previous 150 years, showing the consequences of sharecropping, soil exhaustion, unchecked erosion and floods, and concludes with scenes of regional planning, TVA development and federal efforts.]

What Other Communities Are Reading

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