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One Book – One Lincoln – 2008 – Programs

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One Book One Lincoln A joint venture of the Lincoln Journal Star and Lincoln City Libraries
One Book – One Lincoln – 2008
Programs and Events

Special programs will be held at various public libraries and other locations throughout September, October and November 2007, tied in to the themes and subjects of The Thirteenth Tale. Some of these programs are still being finalized — keep watching this web site for further details.

This list of special programs and events is available on this web page and as a handout at all Lincoln City Libraries. All events are free and open to the public, and we encourage you to attend!


Lincoln City Libraries staff will be at some of Lincoln’s Farmers’ Markets in September. They will be able to give information about One Book – One Lincoln programs and answer general questions about the library. Here is the schedule of locations:

  • Havelock Farmers Market — between 62nd and 63rd and Havelock Ave. — Wednesday, September 24th — 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Haymarket Farmers Market — between 7th and 8th and P and Q Sts. — Saturday, September 27th — 8:00 a.m. to Noon


Sunday, September 28th, 2:00 p.m.
Eiseley Branch Library
1530 Superior St.

“The Thirteenth Tale” opens the door and invites us into the shadowy and suggestive world of the Gothic. Penniless and beautiful heroines, charming, dark and brooding heroes, wild landscapes, secret gardens, and ghostly mansions all lure us into these timeless tales. Laura Mooneyham White, Associate Professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, an authority in the Gothic novel, will explore the settings and characters that so completely capture our imaginations. She will provide a guide through the gothic novels of the past and the present and reveal the reasons behind our ongoing love affair with them.

Discussion of the book will follow this presentation, led by Professor White.

Podcast Logo“It Was a Dark and Stormy Read” was audio-recorded on September 28th, and is now available as a Podcast for listening or download from the Lincoln City Libraries’ Podcasts page. It was split into two parts: Part One | Part Two.


Wednesday, October 1 2008, 12:00 p.m.
Gere Branch Library
2400 S. 56th St.

yorkshiremap2Come see where “The Thirteenth Tale” takes place. Yorkshire has long been used as the setting in many of our favorite books and movies. We’ll be showing a series of films about Yorkshire, England, English gardens and even English ghosts.

Discussion of the book will follow this presentation.

CLASSIC FILM FEST — Plus Book Discussions

A double feature selection of classic gothic film titles will be shown at Anderson, Eiseley, Gere and Walt Branches. Bring a friend and a box of tissues. Each branch will have a different film selection based on novels by authors such as the Bronte sisters, Wilkie Collins, Daphne DuMaurier and Jane Austen. Original film versions as well as contemporary remakes of favorite movies will be shown. Check your library branch for a complete listing of film titles. Each film will have an intermission and there will be a break between films. Each of these classic film fests will be held on the same day, with book discussion following the film showings. Here is the schedule of locations:

Sunday, October 5 2008, 2:00 p.m. at each of the following locations:

Anderson Branch Library — 3635 Touzalin Ave.
Eiseley Branch Library — 1530 Superior St.
Gere Branch Library — 2400 S. 56th St.
Walt Branch Library — 6701 S. 14th St.


Sunday, October 12 2008, 2:00 p.m.
Gere Branch Library
2400 S. 56th St.

Nebraska Humanities CouncilThe library in Vida Winter’s home and the bookstore owned by Margaret Lea and her father provide a stage for the stories of the “The Thirteenth Tale.” Jim McKee, Lincoln resident, historian and a lover of books, will share the story of Thomas Jefferson Fitzpatrick, longtime resident of Bethany, and a bibliomaniac. Fitzpatrick, a college professor, lived out the end of his life existing entirely in his kitchen, while the rest of the property was packed floor to ceiling with books. For some it is not enough to hear the stories or read the stories. They must own the very books that haunt their lives. What secrets do their worlds hold for us? What tales do the pages of their lives and collections have to tell? This presentation is made possible by the Nebraska Humanities Council and the Lincoln City Libraries as part of the NHC Speakers Bureau.

Discussion of the book will follow this presentation.

YouTube Logo“Buried in Books” was videotaped on October 12th, and is now available for viewing via the Lincoln City Libraries’ YouTube account. Visit this page for more information and to view the program.


Sunday, October 19 2008, 2:00 p.m.
Anderson Branch Library
3635 Touzalin Ave.

papagenoslogoWinds whisper through trees and flowers bloom in gardens to brighten lives of heroines and villains alike in many of the classic gothic tales we love. Gardens shelter lovers and provide hidden solitude for sobs of sorrow. Gardens such as these play an important role in the telling of “The Thirteenth Tale.” Please join us for a brief film visit to a great Yorkshire garden and a look at some fantastic topiary creations from gardens in England and the U.S. Then enjoy a delightful demonstration in the art of topiary, given by special guest, Gene Gage, owner of Papa Geno’s Herb Garden in Martell, Nebraska. His wonderful rosemary herb topiary creations will be available for sale after the program with all proceeds going to benefit the Lincoln City Libraries.


Monday, October 20 2008, 6:30 p.m
Eiseley Branch Library
1530 Superior St.

OOPSlogoGet ready to get scared…. No….. I mean really SCARED!!!! The best of the best of ghost stories told under the dark night sky. Teens of all ages are welcome to share the scare. “The Thirteenth Tale” is filled with hints of ghosts and hauntings and many of our favorite scary stories are based in traditional gothic tales. Tellers from Lincoln LIPS (Lincolnites Involved in Perpetuating Storytelling) and Omaha OOPS (Omaha Organization for the Purpose of Storytelling) guarantee shivers and screams. You will check under the bed when you get home……if you get home!


Thursday, October 23 2008, 7:00 p.m.
Olin Lecture Hall
Nebraska Wesleyan University campus
50th and Madison Ave.

NWUmap-smallLives are lived and fade into the mists of the past. But not all who are gone from life are at rest from their time on earth. “The Thirteenth Tale” may or may not make us believers in those spirits, but few of us can resist being mesmerized by their tales. Dale T. Bacon, Lincoln resident and ghost expert, will share his most astounding tales, including the stories surrounding the haunting of the C.C. White Building on the Wesleyan Campus, where Olin Hall now stands. Parking is allowed anywhere on campus in the evening. The closest parking will be the lot directly WEST of Olin Building and the lot directly SOUTH of the First United Methodist Church (2723 N. 50th St.). Handicap Parking is available. Click the map above, or click this link for a map on the NWU web site for directions.


Sunday, October 26 2008, 2:00 p.m.
Walt Branch Library
6701 S. 14th St.

How many stories are there out in the world waiting to be told? Vida Winter told hundreds in her lifetime, some true, some not; some captured on paper; some living only the length of a spoken word. But it was her final story that gave its name to the novel, “The Thirteenth Tale.” All of us have stories. And all of us have memories that are less than perfect, or memories that recall more than we believe we should tell. So what do we do? Bill Kloefkorn, himself a man of many stories, will share his experiences in capturing imperfect memory into memoirs for sharing. Kloefkorn is a Professor Emeritus at Nebraska Wesleyan University, State Poet of Nebraska and author of the 2008 One Book – One Nebraska, “Restoring the Burnt Child.”

Discussion of the book will follow this presentation.


You are your own story. You have your own “thirteenth tale.” We hope Diane Setterfield’s story will inspire you to create and share yours with others. There were many evocative images created by the words the author used to craft her tale. We have selected some photographs that may be the perfect story starter for you. We have also selected a few of the most expressive phrases and sentences of the author’s that we hope might inspire you to spin a tale of your own. And of course, you always have your own pool of history and imagery to draw from. Let your thirteenth tale start now.

Visit the Story Starters page here on the One Book — One Lincoln web site.

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