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One or more?

One Book - One LincolnAs we count down to the September 8th announcement of the official 2008 OBOL title, we’re curious — do you (as a reader) tend to read more than one of our annual finalists, or do you prefer to wait for the one selected title to be announced?

Do you prefer Fiction titles as a city-wide reading selection, or Non-Fiction?

One thought on “One or more?

  1. Scott Clark

    krisT said:
    I tend to read all the titles that make it to the final. This time I think I had read all but one before they were chosen so that worked out great however I usually have to read the final chosen one over just before a discussion group meets.

    I think both fiction and non-fiction titles are wonderful.

    September 9, 2008 at 10:56 am

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