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Reading Recommendations from Just Desserts members – August 2023

Hey, mystery fans! Looking for something good to read?

At the August 2023 Just Desserts meeting, 17 group members and guests participated in a discussion of the first three entries in the Thursday Murder Club series by Richard Osman .

Following the “assigned reading” portion of the meeting, we held our monthly round robin in which attendees shared recommendations of what other books they’ve been reading recently, with an emphasis on mysteries/suspense/thrillers. We continued a new policy this month that began earlier this year, to make sure everyone got a turn in the Round Robin – everyone could share a single title during their verbal recommendations, but could share additional titles on a paper form – ALL titles recommended are shared below. The titles marked by an * are those specifically mentioned during the Round Robin discussion.

Here’s the list of mystery, thriller and suspense books recommended by Just Desserts members in August 2023:

And here were some non-mystery titles some group members also recommended in August 2023:

What mysteries have you been reading lately that you’d recommend?

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