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Reading Recommendations from Just Desserts members – September 2021

Hey, mystery fans! Looking for something good to read?

At the September 2021 Just Desserts meeting that took place in-person at the Bennett Martin Public Library, 14 group members participated in a discussion of Victoria Thompson’s “Gaslight Mystery” series. Following that discussion, we held our monthly round robin in which all 14 attendees were able to share recommendations of what other books they’ve been reading recently.

Here’s the list of mystery, thriller and suspense books recommended by Just Desserts members in September 2021:

And here were some non-mystery titles some group members also recommended in September 2021:

What mysteries have you been reading lately that you’d recommend?

2 thoughts on “Reading Recommendations from Just Desserts members – September 2021

  1. tram chamberlain

    i’ve been reading richard osman’s first detective novel, “the thursday murder club”. very amusing and sympathetic characters, an interesting plot, and nice twists with clues peppered along the way. i highly recommend it, and plan to read the next one, “the man who died twice”, when it becomes available at the lincoln library in any form.

    October 4, 2021 at 8:05 pm
  2. 4560
  3. Scott Clark

    I agree completely with Tram about “The Thursday Murder Club” by Osman — one of my favorite reads in 2020. I couldn’t wait for a library copy of the second, “The Man Who Died Twice”, and have already purchased my own copy of it…which is now near the top of my reading pile.

    October 6, 2021 at 9:32 pm

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