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Troubleshooting Hoopla

Before installing Hoopla’s app on a mobile device, please check this help page to make sure your device is up to date enough to use the app.

If you have registered for a Hoopla account but are unable to login or to use Hoopla after you have logged in, please check on the following. You can also use these instructions to update your account information. Due to Lincoln Public Schools restrictions, Library OneCard (formerly ConnectEd) accounts cannot be used to access Hoopla.

  • Are you using the same e-mail address you used when you first registered for your account?
    Library patrons who have multiple e-mail addresses, or who have recently changed to a new e-mail address, sometimes forget which address they used when registering. Be sure to log in with the same e-mail address you originally used; then see below if you need to update your e-mail address.
  • Are you accidentally adding a space after your e-mail address?
    Adding a space after your e-mail address is easy to do without realizing it, especially if you are copying and pasting it from somewhere else. This can prevent you from logging in.
  • Have you forgotten your password?
    You can request a new password by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link on the Hoopla login screen. Then enter your e-mail address and Hoopla will send you a new password.
  • Has your Library card number or PIN changed?
    See below if you need to update your Library card number or PIN in Hoopla. (If you get an error message that says, “Yikes! Something is wrong with your library card or PIN,” this is the most probable reason.)
  • Has your e-mail address been used with another library card number?
    If your e-mail address has been used with another card number, Hoopla would see this as being the same as your card number being changed, so you can follow the instructions below to change your card number back to the correct one. (Although Library patrons may share a single e-mail address with another family member for their Library accounts, Hoopla requires that an e-mail address be used with just one Hoopla account. For patrons who share an e-mail address, Hoopla recommends that they set up a separate e-mail account for this purpose.)
  • Did you select the wrong library when you set up your account?
    If you accidentally chose another library system when setting up your account, see below to change this to the correct library system.
  • Have you have recently moved to the Lincoln area and have a Hoopla account associated with the library where you used to live?
    You can update your existing Hoopla account to work with your Lincoln City Libraries card.

To update your account information (Library card number and PIN, e-mail address, or password):

  • Please note: Library staff cannot update your Hoopla account information for you.
  • In a Web browser on a computer, after you have logged in with your e-mail address and password, click on the settings (gear) icon in the menu bar at the top. You can then click on “Email” or “Password” to make those changes, or you can click on “Library” to update your Library card number or PIN. If you’re new to Lincoln City Libraries and have been using Hoopla with an account from a different library system, be sure you select “Lincoln City Libraries (NE).”
  • In a mobile app, tap on the menu icon, then tap “Settings.” Scroll down to update your information, and then tap “Save.”

If Hoopla says a title is unavailable:

  • Some Hoopla content is not available to Lincoln City Libraries accounts. If you are searching in Hoopla without being logged in, you may see titles that are not part of our Hoopla collection.

If Hoopla says you are offline when you are trying to log in:

  • Version 4.14 of the Hoopla app for Android had a bug that could cause this problem. Please try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it from Google Play to make sure you have the most recent version.

If you get an error that says, “Oops, something went wrong with this download, try again later” (or something similar):

  • Hoopla reports that this is an Android error message, not a Hoopla error message. They currently do not have a fix for the issue, but are looking into it. They recommend trying the following steps:
    • Clear the cache for your device
    • Check your device for software updates
    • Delete any applications and/or files you’re no longer using
    • Power cycle your router
    • Uninstall the Hoopla app, reboot your device, and reinstall Hoopla

If you have other problems with this service, please check Hoopla’s help pages first. If this does not resolve the problem, please e-mail with your question.