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Troubleshooting Off-site Access to Online Resources

If you are having trouble accessing our Online Resources from outside the library (for example, you are not asked for your library card number, or after entering your card number you are asked for a user name and password), please look over this list of possible causes:

  • I’m not being asked for my library card number.
    Be sure you start from our Online Resources page each time you use our Online Resources – bookmarking individual resources in your browser usually doesn’t work.
  • I entered my card number, but it says my identification is not recognized.
    Be sure you enter all 14 digits of your library card number, with no spaces or punctuation, or enter your ConnectED 6 digit LPS student ID.

    If you’re sure you entered your card number correctly, please check with library staff. Cards that have not been used to check out materials for five years and cards that have been reported lost are removed from our database and cannot be used to access Online Resources.

  • I entered my card number, but I’m being asked for a Username and Password.
  • I entered my card number, but it says my computer is not recognized.
    These symptoms have several possible causes:

    • Some resources require you to register and login even after you have entered your card number.
      In these cases, you will be given the opportunity to choose your own user name and password. If you are asked to register and then told that your computer is not recognized, it is probably due to a firewall or other security software; see the section on blocked referrer information below.
    • Is your browser accepting cookies?
      You must have cookies enabled in your browser to log into these Online Resources.
    • Are there old browser cookies or temporary Internet files interfering with logging in?
      Clear your cookies and temporary (cached) files from your browser, and try logging in again; using a different browser may also help.
    • Are your Internet security settings too restrictive?
      You may need to lower your security settings to log in to some resources.
    • Are you using other Internet security, privacy, or firewall software that blocks referrer information?
      Internet security, privacy, and firewall software that blocks your browser from sending referrer information can cause problems with accessing some resources. (Examples of this kind of software would be Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall, and ZoneAlarm.) Some Internet Service Providers may have firewalls that block referrer information; you may need to contact your ISP to find out how to correct this problem. Here are some additional tips for correcting this problem.
  • After I’ve logged in with my library card, I’m taken to a different resource than the one I clicked on.
    Are you using a computer at an institution that has its own collection of resources or databases? If you are using a computer at another institution (such as Lincoln Public Schools, Southeast Community College, or the University of Nebraska) that subscribes to resources from the same companies that we do, you may be restricted to that institution’s resources instead of those that Lincoln City Libraries subscribes to, even after you’ve logged in through our Web site.
  • I was able to access this resource yesterday, but it won’t let me in today. Occasionally our resource providers experience technical problems or perform maintenance on their computers, and occasionally our own automated system is down for similar reasons. In these cases you may simply need to wait and try again another time.
  • I know I registered for a Hoopla account, but now I can’t log into it.
    If you are having trouble logging into your Hoopla account, please check here.

Resolving problems caused by blocked referrer information

If you have Internet security, privacy, or firewall software that blocks your browser from sending referrer information, you will need to tell the software to allow the sending of referrer information to the domains used by our subscription resources and our online forms. While we are unable to provide specific instructions on configuring your software, the table below shows the addresses your software will need to allow.

Some Internet Service Providers may have firewalls that block referrer information; you may need to contact your ISP to find out how to correct this problem.

If you are having trouble using these resources Add these addresses
Lincoln City Libraries’ online forms *
American Song
Classical Music Library
Contemporary World Music
Jazz Music Library
Music Online
Popular Music Library
Smithsonian Global Sound
These resources also require that port 1755 is not blocked
Biography Reference Bank
Biography Reference Center
Consumer Health Complete
eBooks from EBSCO
Explora and Explora Primary
Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia
Legal Information Reference Center
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA)
Magazine Article Search
NoveList/Novelist K-8
Points of View Reference Center
Primary Search
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
Science and Technology Collection
Teacher Reference Center
FirstSearch *
Chilton Library *
Lincoln Journal Star *
Morningstar Library Edition *
OverDrive (downloadable audiobooks) *
ReferenceUSA *
Sanborn Maps *
Testing & Education Reference Center *
Transparent Language Online *
Value Line Investment Survey *