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Frequently Asked Questions About the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge


Oceans of Possibilities

How do I register for the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge will start May 26 and you can register by logging into your Beanstack account at

If you need to create an account, it’s fast and easy to do by following the steps on the Beanstack landing page on the library website at

  • Choose Register an Individual or Family.
  • Choose I am registering myself and fill out the form.
  • Choose Next to add additional family members. Register for the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge.
  • Begin tracking your reading and activities by clicking on Log Reading and Activities on the top of the page.

Or, you can register using the Beanstack Tracker app:

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Touch Let’s Go!
  • Choose At My Library, school, or Bookstore
  • Type in “Lincoln City Libraries (NE).”
  • If you have an account Sign In.
  • If not, touch Sign Up! Create an Account.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the registration for yourself.
  • Touch Add a Reader for additional family members.
  • Touch Challenges at the bottom of the screen and register for the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge.
  • Touch the + to log your reading or activities.
  • We will be happy to help you set up an account by phone, retrieve your user name, or reset a password if you encounter any problems.
  • Here’s a short video showing you how to get going on the app:

We like to keep track of our reading on paper booklets, and we love stickers. How do we get those?

Come to any Lincoln City Library to get your stickers. Just remember, even if you are using our paper booklets, you still need to be registered in Beanstack.

How do I complete the Summer Reading Challenge?

All registrants need to read for a total of 10 hours and complete 8 reading activities.

You can use the paper booklets to keep track of your reading and activities, but in order to be eligible for prizes, you must have a library staff person check off the completed box in your Beanstack account.

How and when do we pick up our coupon sheets for completing the program?

Coupon sheets will be available starting Wednesday, June 15 through Sunday, August 7.

If you are logging everything on Beanstack, it will let you know when you have completed the requirements of the program. If you are doing paper only, call or come into the library and let us know you’ve completed the program so we can record it in Beanstack.

What area businesses are offering coupons this summer?

ALL AGES completing the Summer Reading Challenge will receive the following coupons:

Children will receive these additional coupons:

Teens will receive these additional coupons

Adults will receive these additional coupons

What are the ticket packages this summer?

This summer you can earn tickets for logging your reading and activities. Put all of your tickets in one prize—or spread them out over several prizes.

These packages are $50 per business, $100 total