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The Mystery of Agatha Christie: Bennett Martin Public Library, November 7, 2018

Scott portrays Hercule Poirot as he presents information about mystery author Agatha Christie.

A booklist and other information related to this talk are also available.

Poirot Just Desserts Podcast now available!

Back in October, for the final Just Desserts meeting of 2017, we recorded our round-robin discussion of the Hercule Poirot series of novels and short stories by Agatha Christie, for release through the libraries’ audio podcasts series.

That episode has now been posted to the libraries’ podcast feed. You can listen to it (or download it for later listening) here:

Just Desserts, October 26,2017: Agatha Christie’s Poirot Discussion

Discussion of Agatha Christie’s “Hercule Poirot”

When the Just Desserts mystery fiction discussion group met on Thursday, October 25th, 2017, a dozen mystery fans held a fascinating discussion about the entire “Hercule Poirot” series (33 novels, 1 play, 50+ short stories) by Agatha Christie. Whether or not you attended the actual meeting, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions about any of the “Hercule Poirot” stories, in a reply comment to this blog post, below.

For additional reminders about upcoming Just Desserts meetings and/or other announcements of interest to mystery fans, don’t forget to sign up for the Just Desserts e-mail list. Or, if you’re logged into your account on Facebook, you can visit the Events page for the Lincoln City Libraries, and mark whether or not you plan to attend upcoming sessions of Just Desserts – this is a great way for you to help us promote this engaging discussion group! Our selections for future meetings are usually posted there months in advance. Just Desserts is on our annual “hiatus” for the final two months of 2017. Join us on January 25th for the first 2018 meeting of Just Desserts — a discussion of The Late Show, the first book in a new series by Michael Connelly.

In the meantime, here are three links to information about Hercule Poirot and Agatha Christie:

This link goes to a handout providing background on all the Poirot stories, with all novels and short story collections hotlinked to the libraries’ online catalog.

This link goes to the Hercule Poirot page on Wikipedia, where you can find extensive background on all aspects of the character.

This link goes to all the Agatha Christie books, in ALL formats (including e-books) in the libraries’ collection.

What do you think of the “Hercule Poirot” stories by Agatha Christie?

Agatha Christie’s “Parker Pyne Investigates”

parkerpyneinvestigatesJust Desserts Logo 225Our “classic” author for Just Desserts in June was Agatha Christie, perhaps best known for her two primary sleuths, Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple. We’ve chosen to explore one of her lesser known detectives, Parker Pyne, in Parker Pyne Investigates. From the moment Mr. Parker Pyne takes a seat on the Orient Express, crime follows him like a shadow. It takes him from the ruins of Petra to Baghdad to the tombs of the Pharaohs — where a helpless woman is given her daily dose of death…

This title was discussed at the Just Desserts meeting on June 26, 2008. We encourage you to share your own thoughts and opinions about this book in a reply comment to this blog post, below!