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Join the discussion of John Grisham’s “Camino Island” and “Camino Winds”

The Just Desserts mystery fiction discussion group held its August 2022 meeting in person, this past Thursday evening. Nineteen attendees discussed John Grisham’s two connected novels, Camino Island (2017) and Camino Winds (2020). If you have read either of these novels, and would like to contribute your comments about it, please do so as a reply comment to this blog post, below.

For reminders about upcoming Just Desserts meetings and/or other announcements of interest to mystery fans, don’t forget to sign up for the Just Desserts e-mail list. Or, now that in-person meetings are possible again, if you’re logged into your account on Facebook, you can visit the Events page for the Lincoln City Libraries, and mark whether or not you plan to attend upcoming sessions of Just Desserts – this is a great way for you to help us promote this engaging discussion group!

So…What did you think of Camino Island and Camino Winds? How do they compare to other Grisham works? Are you a Grisham fan?

On September 29th, the members of Just Desserts will be discussing Nita Prose’s 2022 debut novel, The Maid, at the downtown library. We hope to see many of you then!