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Rex Stout’s “Champagne for One”

champagneforoneJust Desserts Logo 225In August 2008, it was back to a classic mystery author, this time Rex Stout, and his gustatorial sleuth, Nero Wolfe. Our selected title was Champagne for One. “There’s nothing like murder to spoil a good meal. That’s what Archie Goodwin, the able assisstant to Nero Wolfe, discovers at a lavish dinner hosted by a billionaire. It was a casual evening among gorgeous society girls until champagne became a murder weapon. Luckily for Archie his boss knows champagne and other gourmet fare. He also happens to be a genius at deduction. That combination could mean the last call for a killer who spiked the bubbly with cyanide.”

This title was discussed at the Just Desserts meeting on August 28, 2008. We encourage you to share your own thoughts and opinions about this book in a reply comment to this blog post, below!