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One Book opportunities this week!

One Book - One LincolnthirteenthtaleOne Book One Lincoln fans,

Here are the opportunities for you to participate in this year’s One Book One Lincoln during the next week-or-so:

Wednesday, September 24th — 3:00-6:30 p.m. — Havelock Farmers Market
One Book personnel will be staffing a booth here, and can answer any of your questions about this year’s book, discussions and upcoming events.

Thursday, September 25th — 7:00 p.m. — Waverly Intermediate School Media Center
Opportunity to discussion the book.

Friday, September 26th — 9:00-10:00 a.m. — Friday Live on NET/KUCV 91.1 FM] One Book staff will be appearing on the Friday Live (from The Mill in the Haymarket) radio show to discuss The Thirteenth Tale and promote upcoming One Book events.

Saturday, September 27th — 8:00 a.m. – Noon — Harmarket Farmers Market
One Book personnel will be staffing a booth here, and can answer any of your questions about this year’s book, discussions and upcoming events.

Sunday, September 28th — 2:00 p.m. — Eiseley Branch — Special Program: It Was a Dark and Stormy Read!
Laura Mooneyham White, Associate Professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, an authority in the Gothic novel, will explore the settings and characters that so completely capture our imaginations. She will provide a guide through the gothic novels of the past and the present and reveal the reasons behind our ongoing love affair with them. Discussion of the book will follow this presentation, led by Professor White.

Monday, September 29th — 2:30-4:00 p.m. — Gere Branch Books Talk
The regular weekly Books Talk meeting will feature a discussion of The Thirteenth Tale at this week’s gathering.

Check out this year’s official One Book One Lincoln web site for full details, plus additional future scheduling information.

Scott C. / One Book One Lincoln web site manager

Story Starters Now Available!

One Book - One LincolnthirteenthtaleIn an effort to give visitors to the One Book — One Lincoln web site more interactive opportunities, the 2008 OBOL site has launched a Story Starters page. [not currently available]

Visiting the One Book site, and click on the Story Starters link — you’ll be taken to a page with a variety of black and white photos that are evocative of the mood, themes and settings of the book. You’ll also find a selection of lines from The Thirteenth Tale, which will hopefully spark your creative impulses.

The Story Starters page has a form at the bottom, where you may select any of the offered photos or lines from the book…and use them as a jumping off point for creating your own short story or autobiographical musing. We encourage you to share your creativity and inspiration with other readers — as we receive story submissions, they will be posted on the One Book web site. If we get enough, as this Fall’s One Book events progress, we may even let readers help pick their favorites from all the submissions.

So…stop by the One Book site, take a look at the photos and “lines” and see if they inspire you to create your own Thirteenth Tale!