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Just Desserts – February 2021 – The thriller series of Melinda Leigh

During the February 25th, 2021 meeting of the Just Desserts mystery fiction discussion group on Zoom, the assigned reading topic was the five different thriller series by author Melinda Leigh. Each participating group member was to have read ANY novel in ANY of the five series, and everyone was then given an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on whatever they had read.

Here’s the list of thrillers written by Melinda Leigh, discussed by Just Desserts members in February 2021:

See the Melinda Leigh Thrillers handout for all the books in all five series!

If you didn’t have a chance to join us for the February online meeting, but have read one or more Melinda Leigh novels, we’d love to know which ones you’ve read, and what you thought. Share your opinion as a comment on this post!

Join us for our March 2021 meeting on Zoom on 3/25/2021 at 6:30 p.m., when we’ll discuss Anthony Horowitz’ Magpie Murders!

Just Desserts members shared “Memorable Stand-Alone Mysteries” last night

At the September 26th, 2019 meeting of the Just Desserts mystery fiction discussion group, 19 group members had the opportunity to share comments about a “Memorable Stand-Alone Mystery” that they’d read. Here’s the list of titles the group members shared. This meeting was audio-recorded for eventual release as a library podcast.

Here’s the list of mystery, thriller and suspense “stand-alone” novels shared by Just Desserts members in September 2019:

What mysteries have you been reading lately that you’d recommend?